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31 December, 2013

2013: Y'all Call it a Moment, I Call it Life

Despite the miscarriage and losing two of Eric's uncles this year, 2013 proved to be very fruitful. We settled into the house and loved watching Evie transition from baby to toddler to terrible twos!  We're looking forward to many new memories next year, including welcoming our sweet girl in April!

We started the new year settling into our new house. Evie learned to walk.  Eric and Elizabeth made a commitment to explore the Primal Lifestyle and it changed our family's eating habits for good. We hosted a couple's wedding shower for Sam and Katie.  Eric and Elizabeth both started going to Spiritual Direction, another lifestyle change for the better.  Notre Dame lost to Alabama in the BCS Championship, but we still had fun at the party we hosted.  Eric finished the month by going on the Life Teen Winter Retreat.

February was quiet, as it usually is.  Elizabeth went to Savannah for Katie's Bachelorette party weekend.  Evie broke Elizabeth camera --- oops!  Eric and Elizabeth attended Mmmm-monster Jam.  We took a coffee class which changed our perspective even more so on the importance of coffee sourcing.

March brought lots of fun.  Evie had her first hair cut and we finished decorating her Hungry Caterpillar Room.  Eric and Elizabeth attended the parish St. Patrick's Day party at the church.  Eric went to Vegas for Sam's bachelor party.  As a family we went to visit David, Paige and Zachary in Savannah, and then to Beaufort with Eric's family to visit Aunt Jo and Uncle Jim.  We also got a new Pope!

The day before Elizabeth's sister's wedding, Elizabeth found out she was pregnant.  We enjoyed a full week of wedding festivities for Katie and Sam's wedding, and Evie was a flower girl for the first time.  Elizabeth's boss/pastor was ordained a bishop of Atlanta.  Elizabeth also went on her annual Women's Retreat at Covecrest.

Just after we told family about the baby, Elizabeth miscarried baby Albert.  We kept our plans to vacation in NYC for four days. It was a great distraction.  Elizabeth hosted a baby shower for Eric's sister, Leeann.  Elizabeth and Evie took their annual Zoo trip. We discovered a local "Food Truck Alley" and spent many Thursday nights discovering local fare.  Evie had her 18 month check up and continued to be "off the charts".

June picked up speed.  Evie started talking in 2-3 word sentences and had a full blown case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth for over a week!  Our friend, Dennis was ordained a priest.  Eric coordinated and hosted Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our parish.  We said goodbye to Evie's nanny.  An F1 tornado hit a few blocks from our house.  We took a family trip to Nashville for a wedding.  Eric went to Beaufort with his family when his great-uncle Jim passed away.  David, Paige and Zachary came to Atlanta for a family weekend on a double decker boat.  Eric and Elizabeth went to Dante's Down the Hatch, an Atlanta culinary legend, with the Buerglers for the last time before it closed.

Eric's nephew, Luke, came into the world on July 1.  We celebrated the Fourth with the Eric running the Peachtree Road Race, Waffle House and a cookout with Eric's family. Elizabeth hosted a week of Confirmation "camp" and was the lead chaperone for the Steubenville Atlanta trip.  Elizabeth's parents bought a boat, the source of many fun weekend outings. We had Corsetti siblings weekend at the cabin.  Eric's other uncle Jim died.

The month started out with a trip for Eric and Evie to Minnesota for Uncle Jim's funeral and for family time. Elizabeth started doing several photo shoots for family and friends.  Confirmation season began.  Elizabeth replaced Eric on the Freshman retreat so he could visit with Joey, Crystal and baby Jack on their trip to Atlanta.  We found out we were pregnant again, due in April 2014!

In September, Evie started pre-school.  Eric went backpacking with cousin Steven over Labor Day.  We had our first ultrasound to see Baby Buergler #2.  We took a family trip to the Apple Orchards.

October was full of new, exciting things.  We took a family trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch.  We announced to family and friends our news of Baby Buergler #2.   Elizabeth & Evie took a Columbus Day trip to the cabin.  Evie had a Halloween party at school and went Trick or Treating with Eric, Leeann and Luke.  She dressed as "Monkey George" while Eric went as the Man in the Yellow Hat.  Elizabeth and Eric saw Michael Buble in concert.

November literally "kicked off" as a busy month. We hosted a BT vs St. Pius tailgate party followed by a night watching high school football.  Luke was Baptized.  Evie had her first trip to Babyland General Hospital. Evie turned TWO, and boy did she!  Her check up was fabulous!  Elizabeth and Eric ran the Confirmation retreat, and witnessed 212 teens be Confirmed.  We also went to the first ever Dayton/Georgia Tech basketball game.  Eric started tutoring Calculus and Physics. We took Evie with us to learn that Baby Buergler is a girl!

As usual, December was spent in work-recovery-mode for Elizabeth. Eric worked super late hours for a big project at work, on top of extra tutoring hours for the kids' finals.  We started Evie's big girl room make over. It's not Christmas season without the Annual Gingerbread Person Party!  Eric and Elizabeth went to a Falcon's game for Alex's birthday.  Advent and Christmas were a huge hit with Evie, and was celebrated with lots of family time!

Thank you for being such a big part of our lives this year!

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  1. Yay! Recaps! You three (four!) are my favorite family to follow :) many prayers! Photo date soon. But have great beginning to 2014! Xoxo


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