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24 April, 2013

Sam and Katie's Wedding: The Bridal Luncheon

On Friday, the day before my sister's wedding, all the girls in the wedding party and any of the ladies related to the brides or groom joined together for a luncheon.  As usual my mother outdid herself.

They even included a high chair at the head table for Evie!

I love the coordinated presentation between the table setting and the gift wrap!

My grandmother did all the flower arrangements. This tiny one is my favorite because it's in a teacup that belonged to my maternal grandfather's family and is an estimated 100 years old.

L-R  Kim, Keri, Katie, Nannie, Kelly, Lynn
L-R aunt, aunt, sister, grandmother, mother, married-in aunt
(I joked for years that my name should have been Kelizabeth) 

Mommy and the Bride!

The little flower card holders were my mother's father's mothers.  And the tiny silver spoon was my sister's -- from back when people bought your newborn a silver spoon as a gift.

All the lovely ladies!

We had a delicious lunch of finger sandwiches, petit fours, and crudités.  Katie gave all the bridesmaids a lovely necklace and earrings set to wear for the wedding along with new make up bags and some lip gloss.  And Evie got a precious little book on being her aunt's flower girl. I still can't read it to her without tearing up! 

Sorry for the low picture quality -- I've been using a free plug-in to export photos directly from Lightroom to my blog saving me a few steps.  If I make a donation to the developer the photo quality limitations are lifted.  I need to get on top of that!

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