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02 December, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

After the epic Thanksgivings of the last three years 2010 (my mom's first year hosting Thanksgiving & David and Paige's pregnancy annoucement), 2011 (10 days after Evie was born), 2012 (the year we moved, Eric has surgery & had to go to the ER, and Evie spiked a fever and threw up for 2 days)...

We REJOICED over a quite, simple, small Thanksgiving.

Of course, I can't do without some drama and hype, so Eric and I shared the sex of our baby.  My mom and sister each opened a small token that revealed the sex of Baby Buergler #2.  Still taking bets

This year we gathered a noon for lunch at my parents.  It was a small crowd, just my sister and Sam, our little family, and my parents.  David and Paige were hosting Thanksgiving in Savannah for Paige's family, and Alex was in New York meeting his girlfriend's family.

Katie and I were in charge of lunch.  We made 4 light appetizers.  My sister found this fruit skewer turkey and "dared" Eric to make it.

Challenge accepted.  Eric loves cutting fruit so this was right up his alley!

We spent the rest of the day laying around... no seriously. I don't think I left the recliner until someone yelled "dinner!" We watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, which none of us kids had ever seen, but thought was hilarious.

 Dinner was just a few of the staples, followed by pumpkin pie and my moms super yummy caramel apple pie.  This is the whole reason for Thanksgiving.  That pie.

While I missed my brothers and their families, it was really nice to have a quite day especially since I'd just finished another hectic Confirmation season just days before.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a delicious dinner, and raising a family to be thankful for!

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