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13 March, 2013

Habamus Papam - The Pope's First Day

Much like on March 4th when I documented the Pope's Last Day, I want to document today, The New Pope's First Day.

It's registration week at our Parish.  That means all the Religious Education staff camps out in the office and meets with families to help them register for the up coming school year's PSR/Youth Group/Sacrament prep programs.  There's usually no less than 3-4 of us in there in a given moment.

It was the PERFECT place to be today to watch conclave coverage.

Of course, this was after I hit snooze on my alarm a dozen times this morning and then jumped out of bed to check Twitter to see if the morning votes had produced a Pope.  Thank goodness it didn't because I would have missed all the coverage getting ready for work!

Anyway, so we sat in the parish office watching the chimney and the now famous seagull on our iPads. We passed the time by looking at memes and YouTube videos.

By 12:30 there was no news = no pope for the first round of afternoon votes.  I had to pick up Evie and get lunch and get her down for a nap before the next round of voting, which would require smoke, would conclude around 2pm.

I raced to pick up Evie. Raced through Moe's.  Raced home.  Quickly fed Evie some guacamole, poured her a bottle, changed her diaper and she was nearly fast asleep...

I raced back downstairs, turned on no less than three news sources, my twitter feed, 3 google chats, 2 texting conversations and my family's group chat....(my thumbs are still sore, thank you for asking)....

There it was!


One news source it looked pitch black.

One news source it looked grey-ish with a hint that it might be white.

One news source was still in an interview (holy smokes!)

But the people in the audience started applauding.

Though it almost seemed as though it wasn't clear to them either.  It was dark. It was raining.

Then I had to hold my breath for the telltale sign:  The Bells.


Ding, Dong, Ding, Ding, Ding!!!

(wow that's a crappy picture of nothing!)

CUE THE TEARS!!!!!  We have a Pope and he's vesting and praying for us!!!

I made the split second decision to abandon my Moe's queso and guacamole and head back to church to spend the rest of the day celebrating and waiting for the announcement with my best friends.

According to the time stamp it took me all of 5 minutes to put on my shoes, grab provisions and throw a  nearly napping - poopy diaper - barefoot toddler in the car and be on my way!

Some how I made it across town through mid day traffic ten thousand traffic lights and a cop following me in a record 20 minutes (normally it's 25+)....all while shaking with joy, reading Twitter (shhhh), and crying.

When Evie and I (safely) arrived the crew was in Monsignor's office watching the only working TV in our entire church.  (His office is a bit of a fort of boxes since he's becoming BISHOP in 3 weeks).

Evie and I sat in the back so she could eat her toddler cheetos.  We waited and waited!

We took bets about which Cardinal and what name he would take.  We were ALL SO WRONG!

But we were joyful and hopeful nonetheless when they announced,

Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus Papam!

We all agreed that Pope Francis seems to be a humble and sweet man.  I can't wait to get to know him as his ministry and leadership begins.

A great day indeed!  As Evie and I left, we stopped by the Blessed Sacrament to say a quick prayer of thanksgiving.  We could hear the bells tolling from our own steeple. I teared up again (of course) and Evie started clapping and dancing.

A co-worker text me this picture shortly after I left of our parish already decorated in celebration and thanksgiving!

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