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25 March, 2013

Miscellany Monday #13: Valentine's, Eric, Coffee, Lent, Toddler and ME!

I love a good Miscellany Monday to catch up on all the random happenings around our house, so here are a few things that aren't full-post worthy but are fun to note or remember.

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Valentine's Day, yes valentine's day. Eric and I exchanged a fancy meal at home. We bought grass fed filet mignon, a bottle of wine, and made some green beans tossed in chopped toasted roasted almonds. It was pretty much heaven on earth.  As per our tradition, we eat by candle light on a table cloth and china.  I love having a romantic night in with my love.

Turn your head to the left. This was my heart-shaped breakfast from Eric. He's the most cheesy romantic and I LOVE IT!!! 

Evie's little Valentine's from Mom and Dad :) 

Eric's gift from me.  Note: I am equally cheesy.


Moving on.... Evie dropped my camera a while back.  There was minimal damage done to the body, thank God, but the lens was completely ruined.  I debated about taking the opportunity to buy an upgraded body, but I am not ready yet.  And I wanted a new indoor lens anyway.  I replaced the broken lens with a "used one" from Amazon. I say used because it came in a BRAND NEW box in mint condition.  I only paid 2/3 the retail price.  WIN!

I had also been saving up to buy this lens but ended up with the slightly nicer version (this) for less than I could find the first one used, thanks to stalking Craigslist.  The photographer was changing camera formats / bodies and the lens wouldn't work any more. Did I mention he photographs all the black celebrities in Atlanta? I was shaking I was so nervous meeting him but he was super nice and told me to give him a call if I ever wanted to talk about starting my own studio or business (WHAT?!!?)


Time to brag on Eric!

Eric has such a passion for creating budgets. And after digging us out of debt, he wants to help others. He is starting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church this summer, and then again next January. The format has changed just a little since we did it four years ago so we've spent one night a week watching the videos, doing the homework, and talking through the small group questions. It's weird to say, but it's fun doing this again because we're listening for different things and picking up new tips.


Eric and I went to a Coffee 101 class at Batdorf & Bronson.  Here I thought I was drinking good coffee and that supporting organic, fair trade was saving the world. But it's not. I mean, it's better than buying a 20 lb bag for $2.99, but it's not enough (if you can find reasonable better options).  Jason taught us all about farming, processing, the beans, regions, and brewing methods.  We will be buying a clever dripper soon. (demo here) No more french press for us!  (He even talked about Jeni from Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, that's how awesome this guy is)


Lent has been fruitful. We both essentially gave up screen time at night when we're both home. It's helped up stay on top of chores and conversation. We've been watching the Dave Ramsey videos, playing cards, or keeping up with the house. Occasionally we'll both agree to watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, or New Girl....but only if we're caught up on the others. I hope this continues!!


Evie turned 16 months and turned into a true toddler. She's nearly running, climbing, being sassy, and testing the limits. We've had to have serious talks on parenting, and have turned to family and friends for advice on handling things like hitting.


I have been pleasantly surprised recently to get emails or read blog posts of friends who said they attribute me and Eric to their using cloth diapers, considering natural birth, digging out of debt or switching to a less processed food diet. I am utterly honored. It's amazing how just living life is more of a witness than all the effort I put into actual teaching.


I am continuing to learn more and more about my "eating disorder" -- how much of it is mental and how much of it is the types of food I eat.  I am watching Hungry for Change on Netflix and continuing to read The Primal Blueprint. The more I read and watch the more I am learning that the crap in ALL processed food is designed to make you feel good and want MORE.  So part of my binge eating is because of the food I had been choosing to eat.  But the other part is what triggered my choosing those to start with....and that I am working on in  spiritual direction.


  1. I've never seen that kind of coffee maker before. Is it that much better? What kind of coffee do you buy now? I also love Dave Ramsey.

  2. We had coffee at the roster made in it and it was flavorful like french press but didn't have the sludge. I'm getting one for Eric for his birthday (tomorrow) so hopefully we'll be able to speak first hand to it soon!


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