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18 June, 2013

{Father's Day Weekend} A Trio of Tributes - Our Clergy Friends

When I started my first job (I've always worked at the same place, I've just worn three different hats) one of the Deacons took me under his wing and mentored me that whole first year.  Not only on business matters but on freshman-in-life matters as well.  I am truly grateful for his tutelage.

He also bailed me out of a pickle.  I was short one male chaperone for our winter ski trip.  He said he knew just the person, his son.  Well Dennis Jr tagged along that year.  We spent several hours on the bus and in the ski lift line just chatting away.  There was an instant friend connection - like trust-with-your-fears, and call-you-out-on-your-bullshit connection.

(c. 2006 I had to dig this bad boy out of the archives. Other pictures in this series involve one or both of us picking our nose)

That following summer he was off to seminary in Chicago, and Eric and I met shortly after.

Seven long years of struggle and beating the odds, he was ordained a priest.  

 (Pretend that the organ pipes are playing some congratulatory fanfare. It makes post even better)

 I was so honored that my family was invited to attend the ordination Mass.  And witness his laying down of his life for the good of the Church.

It was truly an incredible day.  Not many folks can boast such an opportunity - to see a great friend be ordained a priest.

The next day he celebrated his first Mass at our home parish.  It was beyond words to witness. It was an honor to sit with his family and photograph the Mass.  His dad was his deacon.  To see the love they have as family, and now as clergy, and to hear the words of the homily his dad shared -- what a gift they both are to our parish and the Archdiocese.

So - the man who mentored me, did Eric and I's marriage prep and gave the homily at our wedding (and married by brother and his wife, and Eric's sister and her husband), and baptized Evie (and our Godson and my other nephew) -- happy Father's Day!

(seven years did us well!)

And to the newly minted priest and best-good-friend who has never been more than a phone call away when I'm at my wits end or in need of a good laugh (or good beer) --- happy Father's Day!

And the fact that such great men are father and son (and now Fr. Son...haha) is an incredible witness and blessing!

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  1. i really enjoy your updates on church activities.... thanks for sharing.


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