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16 April, 2013

Easter Weekend - Savannah

 Eric and I have been trying to get to Stateboro, GA to visit my siblings at least once a year. All three of them went to Georgia Southern.  After Katie (the last one) graduated two years ago we changed that "tradition" to Savannah, GA, where my brother, his wife, and our nephew/Godson Zachary live.

Last year we went in early April.  This year we went down for Easter weekend. The whole trip came about because Eric's great aunt and uncle live in Beaufort, SC (about an hour away) and his family was meeting up to celebrate Easter there this year.  We took off Friday, left the house by 6 am to beat Spring Break traffic and were in Savannah by lunch.

We had a pretty funny hiccup on the way down.  Just as we got to 75S/285 my GPS app was exploding with notifications about several miles of stopped traffic. I pulled up Atlanta traffic twitter feed and sure enough there was an accident.  And by accident I mean a tuna truck caught on fire! Fortunately we were super close to the 285 exit so we rerouted ourselves over to 675 and then back down.  It took us twenty minutes out of the way but the wreck wasn't cleared until we were half way from Macon to Savannah.

We made it to Savannah with no other problems, and Evie was an excellent travel companion!

 As soon as we got there Eric ran around with the kids --- chasing them, throwing them in the air and wrestling.

Evie had a blast playing with all of Zach's toys.

Once Paige returned home from work we prepared for the egg hunt.  I had a little problem with celebrating Easter on Good Friday, but sometimes you have to bend the rules a little.
 Zachary is five months older than Evie so a little verbal instruction and he was fired up and ready for the egg hunt.
 Evie, however, was a little apprehensive (as usual) and needed Daddy to help her get the hang of looking for eggs and putting them in her basket.  
 Fortunately she likes to collect things so once she got the hang of it there was no stopping her.

 She carried the basket like this all on her own. How cute is that?
 This picture basically sums up my child - pensive, careful and precious

 David and I still aren't sure if Zach was giving Evie an egg or stealing one...we may never know :)

 Looking for the last few eggs!

 Zach LOVES to make silly faces right now. And especially loves to cheese it up for the camera.

 Evie dropped one of her candy eggs and carefully put each piece back in the egg. She was so nervous that she broke it. (But not once we told her she could eat the candy)

 Oh be still my heart!

 (Pardon my I've been up since 5 and in the car all day look)

 Nana sent down Easter baskets for the kids.  Evie got a Hello Kitty sunglasses, hat, watering can and hair ties.  She LOVES them!

After the egg hunt we fired up the grill.  It was Good Friday so we weren't supposed to have a super big meal and it couldn't have meat so I made shrimp and grits. David and Paige have a local shrimp shack (this part of the country is known for their shrimp - remember Forrest Gump?) where we bought fresh caught shrimp.

It might have been a little too indulgent for Good Friday, but again, when you're with family you don't see often, you bend the rules a little.

We let the kids have a few pieces of candy. By the end of the night they were literally spinning in circles, falling over, laughing and standing up to do it all over again.  Of course we egged them on. Haha.

Neither of the kids slept well.  I think Evie started having allergy reactions that day and we're still battling the tail end of the season.

The next morning we were up early to head to Beaufort to have lunch with Eric's family.  But it was also time for the Farmers Market in Forsyth Park so we stopped on our way.  Eric and I bought some locally roasted coffee (this is our new thing since we've had most local beers in our regular travel spots) and strawberries (Eric's pregnant sister called and asked for some) and stopped at a local organic fair-trade coffee shop for a cup of joe to go.  We had Evie in the Ergo while we shopped. It was like the epitome of hippy. Love.

Thanks for a great visit David and Paige!

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