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12 November, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I'm learning the trend.  When you have kids holidays don't last a day, they last a week, or two.

I'm totally fine when it comes to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, heck, even Fourth of July (bring on the watermelon!)

But Halloween.  I can't handle this holiday in the first place, but stretch it out over the month.  Kill me now.

I did find a moment of joy between all of my Halloween-Grinchness.  Evie loved it, and that's all that matters, right?

Evie's Aunt Leeann was generous to make her a Halloween costume again this year.  Eric and I chose for Evie to dress up as "Monkey George" since we figured this is probably the last year we'll get to pick her costume.

Evie was a rock star.  She had fun at her school party, which included a glow-stick dance party and a costume parade for parents.  She even did great with the Halloween song sing-a-long their preschool did after the parade. 

After school we drove home with the intention of Evie taking a nap.  However, she was SO EXCITED to see Aunt Leeann and Luke that she jumped in her crib for an hour before I read the traffic report and decided it best to drive downtown before it got worse.

We met up with the Man in the Yellow Hat, and cousin Luke the football for a cookout and trick-or-treating.

 We had a nice night just hanging out with the Buergler family before Eric took Evie out to a few houses to trick or treat.
She had a great time!  I wish I had better captured her saying "tick-a-teet" -- too cute!

But that's not all!

A few days before Halloween my Mom's family had our monthly family dinner, Halloween style.  Everyone had to bring a Pinteresty appetizer/dessert to share, and of course, come in costume.  In true Sander family fashion, the food crafts / party theme did not disappoint.

And the finale -- Eric and I's costume:
50s housewife & the milkman

Eric and I finished the Halloween party night with a basement party hosted by a mom in Evie's playgroup.  It was a rocking good time.  Ask Eric how many games of beer pong he won.  Guess who drove home?

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  1. You guys look awesome! I don't really get into Halloween, but we hang out with a group that does and this year every single adult dressed up with the kids for trick or treating. I suppose next year we should probably dress up too.


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