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24 February, 2010

The Fred - "I Love This Bar"

Eric and I’s favorite restaurant/bar chain, Taco Mac, recently opened a small exclusive bar in the basement of one of their stores, called The Fred. It is named after the beer manager for the restaurant group, Fred.

The Fred has a secret entrance, that looks similar to a back alley service entrance. You have to push a red button on the wall that notifies a the wait staff to let you in.

Once you’re in, you have to swipe your Taco Mac Brewniversity card, and have had at least 13 beers at Taco Mac before they’ll let you in any further. (Don’t worry, patrons can bring one guest per qualifying person).

Finally, you are seated at a small table or booth on plush leather seats, with tiny candles, and low tables. Table have curtains dividing them, and booths have ceiling high dividers between them. The walls are wood planked, the bar is small, and the carpet is cheetah-esque. The feel is 1920s speak-easy without the cigarette smoke.

And then there is the beer menu...oh the beer menu. Most of the beers are high gravity with the exception of the local brewery’s seasonal beers (something they promise to always have on tap, how cool?). In addition to high gravity, most of these beers are hard to find - even at the crème de la crème bottle shops. And then there is Fred’s Secret Stash menu, which features $15 and up bottles of beer. Talk about a selection for the connoisseur! And if beer isn’t your fancy, a notable wine and top shelf liquor (including liquors made by breweries!) selection is available.

Did i mention the crab dip? I don’t have to say much other than five kinds of cheese and blue crab meat, toasted and served with warm pita bread. MMmmm!

Needless to say, Eric and I frequent The Fred 3-5 nights a month, rain, snow or shine!

23 February, 2010

We're Back

Our apologies!

We posted for Christmas, sent out a big letter with our website and haven’t updated since.

Here’s a quick up date about what we’ve been up to the last six weeks:

  • Moved across the apartment complex, to a two bedroom!
  • Formally decided to lead 15 teens in a mission trip to Nicaragua (details coming soon!)
  • Had our first home brew (pictures and videos coming soon!)
  • Had a home brew party (sorry, no pictures)
  • Seen snow fall a few times
  • Started back to school after taking Fall semester off (Elizabeth is in two graduate courses this semester)
  • Both E&E are training for a sprint triathlon - same as last year
  • Eric is training for a full marathon & Elizabeth a half, in Nashville, TN in April
  • Eric is tutoring a high school senior in Calculus (fun?)
  • Elizabeth started a side project blog with her friend Sarah
  • We sorted out 7,000+ beer bottle caps for our corn hole set. (pictures as we go)

We promise to stay in touch a bit better!  And we’d love to hear from you - just click on the email me button at the bottom of any page :)