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19 December, 2013

The Seventh Annual Decorate a Ginger Person in your Likeness Party

It's that time of year again! Sam, my now brother-in-law sends out the most ridiculous invitation and family and friends gather from near and far to decorate ginger bread people in their likeness.

As usual, Sam's invitation is half the fun of the party:
Nothing really of significance has happened in 2013. I mean, it's been a pretty average year.  No real events of notoriety, pretty slow weekends mostly.  Did a few house projects, nothing major.  We got married, but that was a pretty low key affair.  Took some trips to some places, saw some things, but nothing to really write home about.  We took some naps.  We did a lot of shopping at Costco.  We're on season 4 of Breaking Bad so don't you dare spoil it.  We are trading wins at Canasta and Nertz (although trading implies equality, but we all know who the better player is...)

Pretty boring year.

Until Now...

Ladies, Gentlemen, estranged acquaintances and their significant others who we have met once or twice at random dinners or sporting events, We are hereby inviting you to join us for yet another yearly display of mediocre creativity and our refusal to fully embrace middle adulthood.  This year also carries with it the irony of celebrating my 30th birthday (sad trombone sound and sigh.....and moderate questionable golf clap..?).

Not even a government shutdown or the worst year in Atlanta sporting performance in our lifetimes can put a wet blanket on fresh baked cookies, shaped like Ginger-people (practicing political correctness this year) that you will decorate in your likeness, photograph, post on Instabookpagespace+ and then tag (and hashtag).

There is no prize per se for the best likeness other than your drunken shameful giggling when SOMEONE (usually a more senior someone) begins making "anatomically correct" ginger people and orients them in their own little 50 Shades of Gingerbread motif.  Maybe this year we can keep it PG-13 (sarcastic trombone and laugh....)

In a surprise turn of events, there will be a lot of alcohol and food at this party.  We know, We know.  We're all watching figures for the holidays, but if you want to bring sweatpants for later or unbutton the top button, we'll suspend judgement for this 12 hour period of holiday bliss.  If you want to bring something, feel free, but please bring it in a container that allows you to put it back in your trunk half eaten when you leave.

We'll provide the cookies and some basic decorations, but if you're going for a level of decoration so similar to your actual likeness that you make actually get bitten by mistake, please feel free to bring your own decorations and props to enhance your sugary self.  We will be delighted to host you, your significant other(or insignificant other if you're just dating for the holidays to make family time easier), but please RSVP so we have enough cookies.

We love you all and can't wait to see you and celebrate with cookies, booze, and jokes about Sam being 30 years old!

 This year, as his new wife, my sister had the honor of officially co-hosting with the birthday boy!

Let the games begin!

For those of you new to the blog, the only rule for the night is that everyone has to decorate a ginger person in their in a replica of your outfit, or in something you're likely to wear.

That's my giving birth. I was told I wasn't allowed to decorate me and the baby that way...

So I settled for a maternity shirt & scarf with the baby still inside :)

And thanks to Katie for generously sharing some of her photographic memories with me since I was super nauseous all night. (My eyes were bigger than my pregnant stomach while I stuffed my face full of Five Guys before the party)

Another successful year!!

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