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04 December, 2013

Splish Splash - But It Was Not A Bath

Back about 6-8 months ago, Evie had interest in the potty so I bought her a little kid potty and one of those rings that goes on the inside of the full sized toilet. They don't cost that much and I wasn't sure which route we'd prefer.

After only a few days of interest, Evie started refusing so the supplies went under the bathroom sink.  Until this week.

Evie's had a renewed interested in going potty, and since I plan on full-fledge potty training over Christmas break, I let her get the stuff out and keep it in the bathroom to play with while I go.

This morning Evie was super interested in going potty while I was, so I used it as a teachable moment to teach her all the components of using the bathroom.

When I was done she seemed excited to try so we took off her diaper.  I tried coaxing her on the little potty seat, and then the little ring, but to no avail.

We weren't in a hurry, but we did need to get to school. I decided to leave her diaperless to explore the potty options while I finished packing her bags for school.

Not even fifteen seconds later I heard a little tiny splash in the toilet.  I calmly walked into the bathroom to see her dip her little hand in the toilet water.

Shame on me, right?  I didn't explicitly explain the whole "we don't touch the potty water" and "only peepee and poopy goes in the potty" situation.

So I knelt down and we had the conversation.  I washed her up real good and put her on the floor in the bathroom while I ran to get her a diaper for school.

While I was gone...again...fifteen seconds?  maybe?

I hear another, but louder, SPLASH that continued into a sequence of splashing.

Oh my Gosh.

What could she have gotten into?

What on earth did she do in there?

I screamed out, "EVIE MARIE"

and ran into the bathroom to find a butt naked little girl with a deer in head lights look on her face using the toilet bowl brush to clean the toilet.

When I asked her, "what are you doing?"

She replied, "Mommy. I hel-p you.  I keen potty"

Melt my little heart.

She LOVES to clean the toilets with me...what was I to do?

Note: My only regret is not grabbing the camera.  I did think about it, but decided her two-year-old-defiance didn't need any condoning.  Though, hours later, I am regretting not snapping a quick photo!

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