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30 December, 2013

Christmas Morning 2013

I wish I had the courage to post one giant Christmas post, but I love remembering the details and recalling the precious photos of family!  The historian in me neeeeeds a half dozen Christmas posts!

Christmas morning Evie slept in.  We were SO thankful.  I had ventured downstairs to start breakfast in hopes that I could get it all made before she came downstairs.  I really wanted to eat and do prayer time before she saw the gifts.  But, with two year olds, there is always a plan B and C, and let's be honest, D.

I was about halfway through the cinnamon rolls when Little Bit woke up.  Eric and I went in to get her and she was SO EXCITED for presents.  We decide there was no way she was going to wait another 30 minutes for breakfast, so we jumped ahead to gifts.

We took our time opening the gifts, and made her wait a turn while Eric and I opened ours.  She was really in to it.

She still doesn't get the whole Santa "thing" but she sure loves opening gifts and playing with her new toys.

When I asked Evie if she wanted Santa to bring her some presents she said, "No. No Santa!"  I think she thought the Mall Santa was actually going to come to our house.  Haha. I'd be terrified too!

Evie's two big gifts were crate full of Christmas books that she got at the beginning of Advent and the bed sheets for her big girl room.

We also gave her a few small things so she had stuff to open.  She got a dolly stroller, Little People Play Ground, Big Girl Panties!!!, and a few new Spring outfits I snagged on clearance and wrapped up separately so she'd have more to open.

Little Sister got a stocking with a brand new newborn diaper and a few onsies I got for $3 each at Carters.

Eric and I keep a small budget for each other, he got a new tie and gym shorts and he got me a professional camera strap and tickets to the symphony.

After presents I quickly made breakfast and we sat down for family prayer time before we went to my parents' house for Christmas brunch.

I write about our gifts simply to preserve the memory, not to brag, be humble, or anything else.  I love remembering gifts, which is odd because I'm terrible at giving them, and I think it's fun to see what other families think of as gifts for one another.  Please forgive me if you think I am rude in sharing!

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