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22 December, 2013

Evie: Twenty Four Months

 Her 24 months photos are about 6 weeks late: work, colds, pregnancy, gloomy days, and life got in the way. Better late than never -- I knew I'd regret it if I didn't take something to finish off her two years of photos!


at her 2 year old check up:
Weight: 33lbs 13oz  >97%
Length/Height: 37 inches >97%
Eats: 3 full meals, 1-2 snacks, 12oz cow's milk (now 6oz), 10-15oz of water, almost grain-free
Diapers: Cloth at home (Kawaii, TotsBots, and BG4.0)  
And Size 6 for school and night time - They're big on her, but she needs the extra leg room in the thigh
Clothes: mostly 3Ts and some smaller 4Ts, buying 4Ts for spring
Sleep: 8pm bed, 7:00-8:30am wake, one nap 1.5-2hrs long around 2-- She can make it through the day without a nap, but she needs a movie or rest time of some sort

Firsts and Milestones:

We switched Evie's crib to a toddler bed. She's done really well most nights and with naps. She's recently started to escape, but hasn't been destructive so we're thankful for that!

Her language skills are off the charts. She can put together almost full, complete sentences.  She loves to ask "What's this?"  or "What's Mommy/Daddy doing?" or "What does this mean?" (She wants you to read her a sign)

She knows her numbers 1-10, ABCs, and a few songs with hand motions -- all of which still need to be guided, but we'll hear her practicing them in her crib, the back of the car, while playing, etc

Evie can find a color if asked, "Which one is red?" but still has a little trouble if I point to something and ask "What color is this?"

Her gross motor skills are finally catching up. She can do a two foot jump, climb on play equipment and if she's in the right mood - go down the slide all by her self!  She can climb into her carseat and high chair unassisted!

Though parallel play is still paramount, she LOVES going to school and to playgroup to see her teachers and friends.

Her doll house has proven that she's getting quite the imagination as she'll move the family members around, and even include her princess figures in the scene. She also LOVES to host "pea-party" (tea parties).


friends and cousins
TV/Movies:  Sofia, Ariel, Cinderella, Junior (Veggie Tales), Monkey-George (Curious George), Daniel Tiger, Blue's Clues, and Mickey Mouse Road Rally (she goes in spurts with each of these, as I'm sure all two year olds do)
being bossy
Snacks:  fruit (cantaloupe), bananas, apples, clementines, trail mix, popcorn (a rare treat!), peeze-pouch (squeeze pouch baby food), cheese, and yogurt
going on "ah-ventures" with Daddy
playing outside
COOKIES and ICE CREAM (also a rare treat)


wearing tights
nap time when she's over tired
not getting her way
having her diaper changed
being put in her carseat or high chair - she HAS to do it!
telling her NO

Fun Things:

I honestly can't believe how much she's changed since her last update.  She's a full blown kid now!

Evie eats pretty much anything, and loves to show off her spoon and fork skills. She's even taken to eating finger foods with a fork (like grapes and blueberries).

She's really pushing her boundaries, but is generally a happy, easy going kid.

She craves routine and I've learned I need to prepare her for a change in it to get her excited...but if she's prepared she LOVES it! (Sound like anyone you know?)

I still can't tell if she's introverted or extroverted, and/or what's just toddlers learning new social skills.  She definitely needs quiet time to recharge, and needs mommy or daddy in new situations. However, she adores going to school and play group and constantly asks to see friends.

Between the skills she's learned at school, how I parent, and her personality, Evie does really well with independent play. She loves to color, play with play-doh, spend time in her play kitchen, climb on her gym, and tote around her dollies.  

But she also really loves the weekends when Daddy is home to play "build towers" (Duplos) and "trains" (Brio) with her. She definitely has a critical, engineering mind brewing.

Not So Fun Things:

Evie's constipation was out of control. 5-10 days between BM, even with prunes and Miralax.  We finally talked to the doctor at her two year old check up.  The pediatrician was concerned but gave us a few diet changes to help with the constipation and her weight.  We've cut her dairy down to 6oz a day (3oz before nap & 3oz before bed), and she's still allowed 1-2oz of cheese/yogurt, too.  We also cut out processed snacks (chips, cookies, etc) at home and save them for treats or out and about. She didn't eat a lot of these before, but we're trying to eliminate any extra grains. We also doubled up on fruits and vegetables, either a 2x serving or 2 separate things.  She has done EXTREMELY well!  She's now going 5-8 times a week and has really started to thin out.

I think she's only had 1 or 2 night terrors since our last update, but they were very short. They tend to happen when she has a fever, is overly exhausted, and/or growing.

We had about 2 weeks that Evie was scared of her room (the bed, the lights, the carpet, the alligators[?!?], you name it) and would wake up at 3:30 or 4:30am desperately needing one of us.  And most days would wake up again at 5:30 or 6am.  I don't know by what miracle this stopped before it came a routine, but THANK GOD it's over!
And that, my friends, concludes our monthly and quarterly updates for Evie!
We'll probably check in every 4-6 months now.  But I am toying with some ideas for an Evie segment. We'll see what happens :)

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