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12 December, 2013

Evie's Second Birthday, Family Party

With so much going on in our families in November this year, we barely had time to squeeze in a little family party to celebrate Evie's turning two.  Birthday Brunches have worked well for us -- given the dietary restrictions in both sides of the family, breakfast is an easy crowd pleaser too.

This was nothing compared to last year's feast, but a box of coffee, egg strata, fruit salad and hashbrown casserole did just the trick. I even used the left over paper products from her first birthday.

 We kept it short and simple.  After brunch the birthday girl opened her gifts from her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.  Evie also opened the last few gifts from Mom and Dad.

 She received lots of fun loot including dress up clothes, new church shoes,  puzzles, coloring books, a prayer book, and some of the bedding for her new big girl room!  Her big gift from Eric and I was her new Little People House!
Cousin Luke had tons of fun!

 We had Dunkin Donut Munchkins for her "cake"  (because who likes cake?).  They were a big hit, especially with the birthday girl!

 Evie had a great birthday morning with her family.  About once a week she still asks me if today is "Evie's happy birthday party" day.  Thanks for celebrating with us, family!

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