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02 July, 2013

Miscellany Monday #15 - Summer is off to a busy start!

Yes I know it's Tuesday.  But really it's just case and point to my post.  July is too fun to stop and blog!

Every July I get caught up in working really hard and playing even harder.  I've contemplated taking formal breaks from blogging in July and I think this year I am actually going to do it!  

Here's what is keeping us busy the next few weeks --

Evie has been non-stop learning and growing.  It's so beautiful to watch her take interest in new things, mimic us, and parrot every little word back to us. I can't believe she'll be 20 months later this week!

The weather has been electric - as in a lot of thunder and lightening, so my computer has remained off and unplugged.  I'm kind of enjoying the lack of distraction.  The daily rain storms have also kept the summer weather fairly mild (so far), so after dinner walks are a must.

Nephew Zachary is in town for a long week to play and I want to soak up every ounce of play time with him.

Our newest nephew, Luke, was born yesterday and I fully intend to love on him all summer.

I also have a week long camp I am hosting at church next week, and I'm the lead chaperone for our parish for the Steubenville Atlanta conference weekend with twenty something teenagers.  We're also planning two cabin trips -- one with my sister, her husband, and his sister's family, and one with all my siblings for our second annual "sibs weekend"

As usual the motto for July is work hard - play hard!

We will see you in August, friends :)

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  1. is that the Farris baby? Jane is a friend of mine....


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