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04 February, 2013

Miscellany Monday #12

I love linking up for Miscellany Monday.  I get to write about all sorts of things that are too short for an entire post.  Here are some fun things going on at the Buergler Haus, courtesy of my unedited phone photos.
miscellany monday at lowercase letters
Eric and I have each started going to spiritual direction with the parochial vicar at our parish.  It's been a challenge for me to get in a new prayer routine.  But I am enjoying it so far.  Same for Eric.

Evie started walking about three weeks ago. Life in our house has changed. It's so much easier to do things with her now, but there is no such thing as sacred space anymore. She follows me everywhere and is into everything.  I felt like there was a lull during the crawling phase where she wasn't changing a whole lot, but now that she's walking I see so many changes. And her language skills are exploding!

Eric and I have gone off the rails on the crazy train. Okay, we've been on it for a while. We've been slowly going more and more Primal in our diet and lifestyle. During November and December we decided that come January we'd made the leap to cut out all grains 80% of the time.  Basically, I allow myself one serving of grains a day.  But I want to get that down to one serving 2-3x a week.  Baby steps are the way to go, for me at least. We've made some awesome Eggs Benedict salad and coconut flour donuts! Benefits so far: better sleep, fewer headaches, weight loss, more energy, less brain fog, less need for caffeine (though the want remains!)
My sister is getting SIX WEEKS, y'all!  Her invitations arrived in style.  She used the same calligrapher that Eric and I did, and Eric's sister and her husband used, but she chose a more elaborate font than either of us did. It's so beautiful. If you're in Atlanta, check out Faith's website. Her work is stunning.
Evie is loving the new house.  WE are loving the new house. So many small details, like parking in a garage, not sharing walls with strangers, and natural light!  We're slowing getting the house together now that Christmas is over and Katie and Sam's party is over. Finally, we have time to put up actual decorations.
If you follow me on twitter with any such stalkerness, you'll see that I tweeted that I was going to start a series on organization tips using smartphone apps, but I reread the prewritten posts and I decided I want to rewrite them. They're too verbose (as are all my posts), thus not finding the proper balance of broad advice and detailed orientation. I'll get to this soon.
Other little things:  we switched Evie's carseat to front facing. please don't call the cops. also, we started buying raw milk. again, don't call the cops.  I found a new midwife practice. no I'm not pregnant but I needed a check up and wanted to establish myself before I get pregnant. I got to go out twice this weekend. once to drinks and dinner with girlfriends from work and the other time to a wedding/reception and to the bar after with my husband and friends from church. I NEEDED THIS so badly. I've lost about 8 pounds since Christmas. I'm so, so close to my pre-pregnancy jeans.

That is all.


  1. Loved reading this! i feel like over a year I have a list of one-day will blog again soon and play catch up casually...ahhh the working mom and life w/ 2 young-ins..

    So happy for evie walking. She will be so adorable at the wedding and will be 2nd only to the Bride :)

  2. and i dont twitter, but love the organizing tips via phone apps. I have found a new love for organizing in 2013

  3. I hope to post it all soon! What are your favorites?

  4. Yes, please blog again! I miss you :)

  5. 1. Congrats on the weight loss! I know that is such a difficult journey. You should be proud of yourself!
    2. Also, I love your new banner.
    3. And I should probably comment under that post, but I'm lazy- loved Katie and Sam's couple shower! Well-done.
    4. And the glimpses of your new house seem lovely. I'll admit, as much as I love Wichita, because all of my family is here, a little part of me is jealous that you get to live in Roswell. I think about Taco Mac's queso dip and St. Peter Chanel's sanctuary and Trader Joe's everything on an almost-daily basis.

  6. Your comment "made" me go to Taco Mac for nachos for lunch. We live at the corner of SPC/Trader Joes/Taco Mac and Awesome. Evie and I walk over thataway toooo often.

  7. I want to see pictures of your house and hear about how the search/buying went for you! We're moving to Columbus in the summer and looking to buy. I so hope we can find something affordable we love!


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