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30 December, 2013

Christmas with the Corsettis: Two Days of Fun!

When I tell people that Corsetti Family Christmas season comes with a color coded agenda, I'm not kidding!  It's a lot to swallow when you first look at the two page email from my mom, but once you get going it's a lot of fun.  And really, what else is the season about?  Baby Jesus, family, sharing, and celebrating.  And eating lot of sugary treats (amiright?)

After we had Christmas morning at our house, Eric, Evie and I went to my parents for Christmas morning Brunch....and more presents!!

Nana and Grandpa finished out goodies for Evie's new room - they bought her a fancy pillow, matching jammies and a dolly that all coordinate with her room.  Even Eric is excited to see her room all finished with all these great details!

Eric got some much wanted books for Gardening in Georgia...look out world! And I got some new jewelry.  My parents gave us a deep freezer this year as our REALLY big gift!!

My Mom gave my Dad Lightroom 5.  Can't wait to see what he does with it. He's an incredible landscape photography hobbyist.

 And then Dad gave my Mom a new iPad...but he wrapped it about 12 times.  Too funny!

Eric and I surprised my parents with tickets to opening night of Lion King in Atlanta.  I hope they're as excited to go as we were to give it to them!

The morning went pretty quick since we saved sibling gifts, cousin gifts and our group gifts to my parents for the next time we celebrated Christmas.

On the 27th my brother David and his wife Paige arrived from Savannah.  We went to my parent's house for another full blown Christmas dinner (I am thankful for maternity pants, for sure) and more gifts.

But before the fun could begin, my grandfather, affectionally known this time of year as Sander-Claus, made an appearance.  The two year olds were terrified, but soon warmed up.

 And five year old cousin Connor was tickled-attacked by Santa!

 We had a yummy dinner and the kids played a little before the gifts began!

 The little kids were great at passing out gifts and loved wearing the Santa hats.

 The cousins went first.  Evie got her cousins soccer balls. And Evie got Duplos and a Sofia the First play tree house from her cousins.

Then the siblings exchanged.  The best gift of all was Katie's to David -- a Georgia Southern victory over University of Florida tshirt. 
 We gave our Godson some new books, including a prayer book, and a goofy pirate shirt I couldn't pass up.
 We also opened our gifts from our grandparents.  I am so excited with our new mandolin (the veggie slicer, not the instrument) and carpet cleaner. Whoohoo 31 is awesome, baby!

But best gift of all was still to come.....our sibling gift to our parents:
 My brother photoshopped some "Awkward family photos- Christmas edition" and pasted our childhood faces on them.  I printed them out, framed them, and wrapped them up for my parents.  While they thought they were hysterical, they were a bit confused.  At the bottom of the gift box, my sister wrote a note explaining that we'd pre-arranged a family photo shoot the next day.  They were SO excited!!!

We finished the night wishing my brother, Alex, a happy birthday!  My Dad made fried dough for his "cake" (remember we don't eat traditional birthday cake in our family).  My mom also made a cookie cake, you know, in case we needed some more sugar.  This prego made it into an ice cream sandwich...

And that, my friends, concludes Christmas 2013 with the Corsetti-Buergler families.  


Once again -- I write about our gifts simply to preserve the memory, not to brag, be humble, or anything else.  I love remembering gifts, which is odd because I'm terrible at giving them. I also think it's fun to see what other families think of as gifts for one another, so I share because I'd love to see what your family does!  Please forgive me if you think I am rude in sharing!

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  1. We got my parents the same gift! Great minds think alike!!


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