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30 March, 2011

Where has she been?*

It's been a while, friends. Hi!

Where did we leave off?  Ah yes, the roach.  He's still alive.  It's been over 10 days.  Though, he's slowing down and looking a little skinnier than when we first found him.  Maybe I'm making it up.

I've started my new job with my friends lawn maintenance company.  Most of my time has been spent learning all the new (to me) software, moving the office to it's new locations, and just learning what the company does and offers.  Chris and I have had a great time working together so far.  I'm really enjoying learning new things.  Chris has already taught me a lot about great customer service.

This weekend was my last retreat with middle school kids.  It was bittersweet. We had a spirit filled weekend full of lots of laughs, low ropes, rock wall, ultimate frisbee, prayer, and learning about Jesus. Our theme was "You Never Let Go" and we discussed three parables:  The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin,  The Prodigal Son.  It was a very fitting theme for 7th & 8th graders as they often feel so lost and caught in between.  They learned a lot and most of them want to start going to Adoration on their own, and planned to ask their parents to take them to Confession.  I consider my job here done. :)

Eric was also away this weekend.  He helped lead the high school juniors and seniors on a weekend retreat (at a different facility that me!).  Their theme was called "Thrive" and I don't really know much to report other than there was an incident that has left the kids (and parents) a little heartbroken.  So, please pray for our youth group and all those who went on the retreat as we get through these trials.

Although we survived the sleepless, thunderstorm filled retreat weekends - both Eric and I have been a little under the weather since returning.  Sunday night we both slept twelve hours, Monday night eleven, and last night ten. Yet, I still feel worse each morning.  I called the doctor today and they called in a z-pack for me.  Hopefully that'll be the pick-me-up that I need to feel human again.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Grilled Cheese Social tonight....Just can't think about dairy with a sinus infection, nor does anyone want me coughing on their dinner.  Boo!

I almost forgot - we kicked off bocce season!  The girls and I are in 17th place out of 52 teams.  Meaning, we actually won our first game and by a few points.  Hooray!  Our team name this season is "That's Boc-ce Said"  Ah yes, another season of our girls-only team.  At least the boys are coming to cheer us on this Spring.

We have a lot of fun on deck - this Friday I'm going to one of those paint a canvas places with my mom and sister.  Rosemary turns...., um, Roe, how old are you?  haha.  Eric's got a birthday in two weeks.  Katie and I are planning a baby shower for Paige.  Baseball season starts.  And I retire from middle school ministry. Nice little month of April coming up if you ask me!

* opening credits from Gossip Girl. You know you love me. XO-XO

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