28 January, 2016

Bump Update: 14 Weeks

We found out this week that IT'S A BOY!!!  I had the Harmony Blood Test done.  We have typically declined the genetic testing because we've heard so many horrible stories of false positives; The Harmony test is 92-99% accurate AND it provides the boy/girl chromosomes. We decided to go with it. So YAY! We're having a boy!!!!

How far along? 14 weeks 2 days

How big is baby? At week 14, your baby is 3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces, has almost doubled in weight since last week and keeps on growing.

Total weight gain? about 5 lbs. (down from 2 weeks ago)

Maternity clothes? Yes. I am so glad I bought two new pairs of maternity jeans. My other pairs are a size big AND stretched out. They looked silly.

Stretch marks? Nothing new this pregnancy

Belly button? Flattening out

Exercise I haven't been able to work out the last two weeks because I was having some issues with my hips and low back. Hoping to start back on Saturday.

Sleep 4am is not my friend. I usually wake up starving. I keep a banana on my night stand for when I wake up and need to eat something.

Movement I feel tiny little bumps or kicks here and there, usually after I eat something

Food cravings I was craving ooy-gooy carbs, but one of the doctors I see suggested upping my healthy fat intake and that has helped. Who can say no to extra butter?

Food aversions - as long as I don't let my get self hungry to the point of nauseous, I am fine.  The only thing I have struggled to eat is chicken after I have been smelling it cook.

What I miss - Sleeping through the night. But what's new?

What I am looking forward to - I've been super excited to add some boy prints to our cloth diaper collection. 

Milestones - Starting to decidedly "show" and not just look thick in the middle 

Say What? - "Third baby, you're officially a Catholic family"   Funny, yes, but I feel like this is really offensive to some people. 

Sweet moments - "Oh mama, baby brother must be growing, you belly is much bigger today" ~ Evie

Make room for baby - Still working on plans for the bunk bed. Eric's been laboring over the design and pricing the supplies. Also excited to have so many nephews to borrow clothes from!

Oh, and THIS:  Slowly passing from the extreme exhaustion phase to the EAT ALL THE THINGS phase.  

11 January, 2016

Bump Update: 12 Weeks

How far along? 12 weeks today!

How big is baby? The average fetus at 12 weeks is about 2.1 inches long and .49 ounces. Now that baby's got pretty much all his or her parts, baby's main job is to keep on growing.

Total weight gain? 7lbs, 3 of which were the last week.

Maternity clothes? I found out I was pregnant right at the change of seasons so I just pulled out the maternity clothes instead of my regular fall/winter clothes.  I also went to Pea in the Pod to get some new jeans since mine are all too big.  I couldn't not take a picture with the fake belly.  The nice thing about this pregnancy is my two sisters-in-law are done having kids so they passed along their maternity clothes, and as my sister is done with hers (shes 6 wks post partum) she's passing them over to me too.  I have a whole new maternity wardrobe

Stretch marks?  Nothing new

Belly button?  I swear, it's almost flat already. What?

Exercise:  Midwife said up to 3 times a week, and I've been going to Pure Barre twice a week lately (holidays and sickness slowed me down a bit)

Sleep: I'm about 50/50 on a good night's sleep. I either sleep a solid 8 hours or I'm up several times to pee and have about 2-3 hours where I toss and turn.  The afternoon power naps are keeping me alive.

Movement:  I really think I felt the baby yesterday, and after seeing how active the baby is on the ultrasound today, I'm sure I did!

Food cravings:  Broth based soup, pizza, smoothies, anything in a tortilla, Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe with no mayo (duh)

Food aversions: Anything super smokey. Tried some ribs the other night at just couldn't do it. Thankfully no smell aversions although occasionally cooking chicken bothers my nose.

What I miss: Nothing really. Ready for the exhaustion phase to pass.

What I am looking forward to:  Finding out the sex of the baby so we can work on names!

Milestones:  All of our friends and family know about the baby

Say What?   So far nothing too obscure. Mostly a lot of questions if we want a boy or a girl. And for wondering minds, I know Eric is very nervous about having a 3rd girl and his sanity, though I think he's an amazing girl-dad. I keep going back and forth. I feel like we know what we're doing with a girl, but a boy would bring a whole new set of adventures.

Sweet moments:  The girls got new blankets for Christmas from Santa.  Santa left one for the new baby too (mostly because they came in a 3 pack). Every night Evie makes sure the new baby's blanket is in my bed for him/her to snuggle with at night. If I take a nap on the couch I often wake up and she has put the blanket on me.

Make room for baby:  Eric has been drawing up some plans for a bunkbed / loft to put in Evie's room so we can move the girls in together. 

Oh, and THIS:  I went in at 6-7 weeks for an ultrasound.  They use this ultrasound to confirm the estimated due date, the only reason I had insisted on it so early was because I was having some pain on my ovary. Turns out I just had some cysts rupture but everything else was fine. Baby measured right on track and the heartbeat sounded good.

At 11.5 weeks I went in for the 12 week blood work and to try to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. The midwife had told me we might not be able to hear it and that it's normal for being only 11.5 weeks so not to worry. But after she tried and tried and couldn't find it my mama heart began to worry.  I started second guessing every ache and pain I'd had in the last week.  The midwife said since we saw the heartbeat and I hadn't had any fever, spotting or cramping that I was probably fine but that she could schedule me an ultrasound for Wednesday if that'd make me feel better.  That was a whole week away and I knew that if I had lost the baby that I'd probably know, or have a good idea, by then anyway, so I declined. 

That whole next day my heart was restless but I kept holding these words from the Blessing of Expectant Mother's in my heart,
Lord, we beg you to visit this dwelling, and to drive away from it and from this servant of yours, N, all the enemy's wiles. Let your holy angels be appointed here to keep her and her offspring in peace; and let your blessing + ever rest upon her. Save them, almighty God, and grant them your everlasting light; through Christ our Lord. (full text here)
I was begging the Lord to keep me in his peace. Well, that night I received an email from the Pro-Life group at our parish letting us know that a new Pregnancy Aid Center had opened in our area and they were looking for "pregnancy models" to come in for a free ultrasound so the new tech could earn her training hours and they could test the newly donated machine.

Thanks be to God!

I called immediately and heard back Monday morning (today). They could see me in an hour. The moment I walked in I was totally loved on, as were the girls. I told them my story, mostly to let them know I was prepared already for news of a loss, but also just to share how God answers our prayers, even if the answer isn't what we want to hear.  My prayer was for peace, and He was providing that for me.

Two seconds into the ultrasound and even my untrained eye could see the beautiful tiny heartbeat, and watched our baby roll over!  The techs were amazing in pointing out all the tiny features to the girls. Maggie kept walking around with her shirt up, pointing to her belly that she had a baby too. Haha!

The tech took a while because everything she did her supervisor had to check, so the Clinic director pulled the baby models down off the shelf to show the girls the size of our baby and how big he/she will be at 16 weeks, 22 weeks, and 26 weeks.  They were in awe!  Maggie didn't want to leave the baby there. It was just her size.

We are truly blessed and looking forward to welcoming a third baby Buergler into the world this summer!

03 January, 2016

2015: Stop. Wait a minute. Fill my cup put some liquor in it.

This year lacked an abundance of major milestones, however it was filled with a wholelotta crazy that made for many afternoons having kitchen dance parties to Uptown Funk leaving this Mama ready for Happy Hour the second Daddy came home from work. So here's to 2015, I hope your cup is as full (of liquor) as ours!

January - 

With the school year in full swing, we enjoyed much of our daily routine of Evie going to Young 3s, 3 days a week.  Maggie and Elizabeth spent 2 mornings a week working at The Natural Baby.  Elizabeth started taking classes at Pure Barre. Eric went on the January retreat with Saint Brigid Life Teen and started as a full-time employee for NCR.

February - 

Eric and Evie went to their annual Chick-fil-a Daddy-Daughter Date Night. Elizabeth, Evie and Maggie drove to Savannah to meet new baby cousin Ellie and to celebrate Valentine's Day.  We had a snow day or two. Elizabeth went on a Lent retreat.

March - 

Photography season began for Elizabeth. We introduced the girls to the Stations of the Cross.  Elizabeth worked at MommyCon Atlanta. Eric had a few CHRP reunions.

April - 

Maggie turned one with a full-blown birthday celebration courtesy of Nana and Grandpa. She also started standing (and jumping).  Evie (finally) took interest in using the potty. We spent Easter with both sides of the family.  Spring Break included ice skating, boat day, and a Braves Game. Eric turned 31!

May - 

Evie wrapped up the school year. Evie finished her year of GymTots with a Gymnastic Jamboree. We celebrated the beautiful weather at the zoo, on the boat, and at Food Truck Alley. The last day of May we drove south to 30-A for some fun in the sun.

June - 

The Buergler family beach trip was one for the books. Maggie started climbing stairs and cruising the furniture. Evie went to summer camps at her preschool. Elizabeth, Evie and Maggie were summer regulars at story time, the puppet shows and playgroup. Eric went whitewater rafting with guys from Church and then to Boston for work. The girls had a sleepover weekend at Grandma & G. Daddy's. We had Corsetti Siblings Cabin Weekend.

July -  

Eric ran the Peachtree Road Race.  Elizabeth went to the Edel Gathering in Charleston, SC. Eric and Elizabeth had too much fun shopping Amazon Prime Day.  Evie had VBS and gymnastics camp. The girls had strep (yes, in July). We hosted a gender reveal party for Katie and Sam (it's a boy!)

August - 

Another cabin trip for the books. Maggie started walking. Elizabeth photographed a Baptism and Wedding in the same day (oy!). Evie had SporTykes camp and her Ballet/Tap classes started up for the year. We took a family trip with the Buerglers to Beaufort, SC.

September - 

Evie started 4-day, "Big Threes" as well as Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Maggie started Me & My Shadow gymnastics classes and started talking. Cousin Eliza was born. Elizabeth began long-term substitute teaching for Kolbe Academy Online and turned 33! Eric spoke at a local chapter of National Charity League. We went to Stone Mountain for the Yellow Daisy Festival.

October - 

October was full of rainy days. Eric and Elizabeth took a long weekend trip to Nashville for their 6th anniversary. The girls stayed with Grandma and G.Daddy. The girls visited a pumpkin patch, apple orchard and went on a few hayrides. Grandma and G.Daddy spoiled us with a Day-cation at Stone Mountain. Eric held down the fort while Elizabeth was knee deep in Fall Photography season. We went trick-or-treating with cousins Luke and Eliza.

November - 

The girls went with cousins to see Santa. We booked Evie's surprised 5th birthday trip to Disney. Evie turned 4. Elizabeth sponsored cousin Rebecca in Confirmation. We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Corsettis and Sanders; and then went to the casino and to pick out Christmas trees with the Buerglers. Nephew Joey arrived almost a month early. We found out we're expecting Baby Buergler #3!

December - 

An ultrasound confirmed that we're having just one Baby in July 2016.  The whole family was home sick for a full week with a non-influenza viral infection. We watched most of the classic Christmas movies and introduced the girls to hot chocolate. A mouse ate the interior of Elizabeth and Eric's cars destroying 3 of our 4 carseats. We celebrated Christmas with all the family. Eric and Elizabeth were Godparents to Eliza.  We rang in the new year by sleeping 10pm-9am!

What was new in 2015?

2 nieces and a nephew. Elizabeth learned to sew. Eric committed to a half Ironman in 2016 and "learned a lot of technically geeky shit". Maggie started walking and talking. Evie potty trained, learned to dress herself and started ballet/tap.

What stayed the same in 2015?

Eric continued to work full-time in software development. Elizabeth stayed home as the primary caregiver to the girls as well as balancing teaching online, photography, and teaching cloth diaper, essential oil and baby wearing workshops.  Together we continued with our couples bible study and our involvement at our parish.  Evie continued to LOVE school and dance.  Maggie keeps growing like a weed! The girls are sweet as can be and absolutely adore one another.

Where did you travel?

30-A, Highlands NC, Beaufort SC, Charleston SC (elizabeth), Boston MA (eric),  Nashville TN, and lots of exploring of around Atlanta

Biggest accomplishments?

Elizabeth - Committing to Pure Barre, taking 95 classes in 2015. Tweaking photography process and earning more in 4th quarter than previous 2.5 years combined.
Eric - Taught himself a few new computer languages. And he would like to add, "I got Elizabeth pregnant and I kept the kids alive"

What would you tell your grandchildren about 2015?

About our first family beach trip!

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