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14 August, 2013

Corsetti Kids Cabin Weekend

When we were younger my mother would load the four of us in our awesomely large conversion van complete with high top, TV, VCR and Nintendo.  What we lost in visual swagger we gained in entertainment value.  That van was awesome.

We'd drive the then twelve hour trip (thanks to the old 55mph speed limits) from Tampa, Florida to Highlands, North Carolina where my grandparents have a cabin.  How my mother survived it, I still do not know.

We spent the entire summer hiding in the woods, digging in the creeks, and playing in the field.  Priceless memories.

Now that we're fifteen-twenty years older, married with kids of our own, we've agreed to rally the troops for one weekend of family togetherness at the cabin with my grandparents.

We play cards, do puzzles, cookout, and let the kids run amuck.

The cabin doesn't have a television, it only gets one radio station, and there isn't any cell phone service. Each visit forces us to unwind, talk and play.

This year we took little trips out to take the kids hiking and to go in to town for ice cream treats.  And we can't forget the late night drinking and story telling around the dinner table and s'more fire.

We cherish every moment of this cabin weekend.  As do my grandparents.

We look forward to another fun summer weekend next year!

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