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10 August, 2009

Beth & Matt's Wedding

Eric and I have been so blessed to attend so many great weddings and be apart of our friends special days.
My sophomore suite mate and senior year roommate, Beth, married Matt and the Catholic Church, St. James the Less, in Columbus, Ohio.  Beth not only went to grade school and Mass at the school & parish, but she now teaches first grade there.  It was so neat to see the family connection and relationship with the parish and pastor.
Of course the wedding was beautiful, the company was fantastic, and I got to witness another one of my girlfriends marrying to most perfect guy!  
To Beth & Matt, thank you for including Eric and I in your wedding day!  We hope to stand by you for many years to come :)

02 August, 2009

Amanda's Visit

This weekend my friend Amanda came in town for my bachelorette party, our young adult shower, and to spend a few days before heading to Florida for a work trip.  
Amanda and I were roommates our Sophomore year at University of Dayton in Ohio, where the state tree is the orange barrel.  We were pretty tickled when we found this on the top of the mountain!
Amanda enjoyed her tour of the Stone Mountain, especially the face of the mountain and the very Southern street names :)