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22 January, 2017

Nathan: Six Months


Weight:  16lbs 15.5ounces 
Length: 27.5 inches
Feeds: nurses 5 times a day; about 10-15 minutes each session.
Diapers:   Blueberry Simplex and Smartbottoms
size 3 in disposables
Clothes:  9 mos and 6-12 mos
Shoes: none
Teeth: two bottoms

Firsts & Milestones:

Dec 25 - First Christmas
Dec 30 - Tried carrots
Jan 12 - flu shots + rolled over


attention from sisters
chewing on anything he can


Tummy time
realizing he's alone
wet diapers

 Nathan continues to be a dream baby.  He lives by his schedule. I can almost set my watch to it.
7-8 wake + nurse
930 car nap 
10:30 nurse
12 cradle nap
2 nurse
3 cradle nap
5 nurse
730 bath
8 nurse and bath

His six month visit didn't go as swimmingly as expected.  Nathan still isn't putting a lot of pressure on his feet (a 4 month milestone). His head lag isn't as bad, but it's not where it should be. He also can't sit up as well as he should. He also hadn't rolled over until his exam.  We were told he has poor muscle tone and to give him as much tummy and play time as possible. We go back for a check up at seven months.

To say Nathan is easy going is an understatement. He's so chill yet equally engaged. He loves company and attention, but isn't fussy.  His demeanor has been my saving grace this Fall.

20 January, 2017

Evie: Five Years

Where has the time gone? Our first born is FIVE! One whole hand.  Three months late is better than never.  We love you sweet Evie Girl!
Weight: 48lbs
Length/Height: 44 inches 
Eats: 3 full meals, 1-2 snacks, 10-15oz of water, 5oz of almond milk
Diapers: Pull Ups at Night
Clothes:  6-7 or 7-8
Shoes: 12W
Teeth: All are accounted for, nothing loose yet
Sleep: 8pm-7:30am + a rare, but welcomed car nap every few months


Evie went to PT this year for poor muscle tone and a weak core. A lot of this was due to (but also contributing to) her constipation history. After 4 months of weekly physical therapy and diligently doing her homework, Evie caught up to her peers.

She's been seeing another specialist for her tummy.  She's not 100% on her medication, but we haven't had any set backs or any more vomiting or constipation. 

Evie can do basic additional and subtraction. She can read and write all her numbers and letters; big and little. She can sound out words and sight read a few dozen words.

With all the potty struggles and some emotional hang ups around being a perfectionist Evie was placed in the young 4s class for this year. However, after a phenomenal summer we just didn't feel right about her class. We talked to her previous teacher and the preschool director and had Evie tested in to the young 5s class. She is second youngest in the class but tested right in the middle of the pack.

Evie had her first dance recital. She did a ballet number. She was GLOWING.  

Evie completed her first year of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. She's mastered the Grace Before Meals, Glory Be, Our Father, and Hail Mary. She also has a few class prayers for school.  

Evie went to Disney World for her 5th birthday and asks weekly when to go back. 

Evie is discovering her passions. She loves loves loves to paint and cook. She likes ballet, but hates tap. She's amazing at basketball but doesn't seem to care too much.  She also seems to have a science mind and really enjoyed the science camps she went to this summer.

Above all, we are most proud of how sweet and loving Evie is. She absolutely adores Maggie and Nathan. She's quick to help them, hug them, advocate for them, and spend time with them. The bond she has with her siblings brings me to tears. 


playing on the playground
riding her scooter
making countdowns, or decorating her "planner"
watercolors, scissors, stickers, beads
playing pretend and dress up
playing Little People with Maggie

 TV/Movies:  My Little Pony, Peg + Cat, Sid the Science Kid, Odd Squad, Magic School Bus, Word Girl, Super Why
food/snacks:  trail mix, apples, Goldfish, tacos, pizza, broccoli
books: Naughty Mabel, Amelia Bedelia, I Love You Forever, Peanut Butter and Cupcake, Courdory,  Angelina Ballerina

02 January, 2017

2017 :: Goals

It's New Year's Resolution time.  Regardless of the date on the calendar, I had a crash and burn kind of semester with having a baby in July and starting teaching my own classes in August. It's literally been sink or swim.  We've made little concessions over the last few months, that are fine. I mean you gotta do what you gotta do. But they're starting to add up and take a toll on our house, our family life, our health, and our marriage.  This week before Christmas and New Year's always seems to be this way for me.  We tried Fall and it didn't work so let's try some new things for Spring.  Summer is it's own beast.

This week I've been reading Emily Ley's Grace Not Perfection and Eric and I watch Minimalism the new documentary from the guys who write The Minimalists

Both focus on the same thing: simplifying your life to make time and energy for what truly matters.

In our discussions this week, Eric and I have come up with some things that need a face-lift around here and came up with plans of attack.   I'll share my ten goals for 2017.

  1.  Reorder nutritional supplements. Set out each week. Take in am/pm as directed. 
  2. Sunday Prep. Review calendar and budget for the week. Meal plan. Make lunches.
  3. Nightly toy and laundry round up.  At 7pm we'll spend 10 minutes cleaning up the downstairs and putting all the laundry in the washer.
  4. Stretch nightly as part of my bedtime routine.
  5. Eat more veggies for lunch. (see#2 for planning)
  6. Have a weekly planning and budget meeting. This is part of #2 but may extend.
  7. Daily transaction check on Mint, desk tidy, and prep for work day. Done immediately after morning pre-school carpool.
  8. Spend one night a week with Eric: game night, talk night, or date night
  9. Maintain grading through out the week so that I can take the weekend off.
  10. Three Pure Barre classes each week. 2 regular PB and 1 Platform (or as best as the schedule works for us that week)
Bonus #11 Blog a little more often ;)

My goals aren't about doing more or accomplishing more. This year they're about streamlining and improving our health, mind, bodies, and spirits so that we have more time to have fun!

What's your 2017 plan?