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13 September, 2013

Evie's Big Girl Room -- Inspiration and Plans

When Eric turned two his parents took him out for Chinese food and read him his fortune cookie fortune which "said",
"You will sleep in a big boy bed tonight"

And that was it, on Eric's second birthday he moved into his big boy room.

In keeping with what his parents started, we've talked about moving Evie to a big girl room around her second birthday in November.  I'm not really in a rush, since she's still doing great in the crib and I want to keep her contained as long as possible.

But literally, no sooner did the paint dry on her nursery did I start hunting down room theme ideas for her eventual new room.

Since we did something gender neutral and timeless for the nursery, I wanted something feminine and more grown up for her big girl room.

I also didn't want anything too trendy, or that involved a character of sorts.  Mostly, I wanted something that she can grow with until her tweenage years. It took almost a year, but I finally found it!  Pottery Barn Kids for the win!

Nana and Grandpa agreed to purchase the quilt for Evie's birthday and surprised us with a few of the extras for her Christmas gift.  We can't wait for Evie to get them!

Pottery Barn has partnered with Sherwin Williams for coordinating paint colors.  We'll do this Light French Grey on her walls, with possibly a slightly darker grey on the back wall. (We had this look in our master bedroom in the apartment and I love it). I'd been toying with painting giant chevron on the back wall, but not after I found this quilt pattern. Also, I'm afraid the chevron trend will see it's end soon.

We inherited Eric's "big boy" bedroom suite, which is actually a nice unfinished softwood head board, foot board, dresser, night stand and toy chest.  
Over the next few weeks / months we're going to refinish this furniture to be a distressed white look.  Something like this:

Fortunately my parents have the tools and the know-how to help us make this a reality without spending an arm and a leg.

I'm going to start hunting for frames for a gallery wall since she has so much wall space and I have some great portraits of her.  

I inherited some old country-wood shelves from MY room growing up that we may refinish to add to the walls. We'll see how they look painted.

My last piece of make over inspiration includes these ruffly lamp shades 

I have had my eye on this lamp shade from a favorite blog for years now, just waiting for the right location.  We happen to have two white lampshades from our apartment that will be perfect bases for this DIY project.

But first -- cleaning out the JUNK guest room to make it Evie's room!

It might be December or January before we get this totally done, but we look forward to sharing the fun with you as we go along :)

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