22 April, 2012

Evie: Five Months

Weight: ~17-19 lbs
Length/Height: ~26-27 inches
Eats: 800-1150 mL in 6-8 feedings a day
Diapers: middle snap on her cloth, finished her size 2 disposables
Clothes: 6 months, a few 6-9 months

Firsts for Evie
March 9-11, March 23-24
Two weekends home alone with just Mommy. We survived! 

March 12
Slept in her crib in her own room!

March 17
Saint Patrick's Day

March 28
Taste of solid foods - carrots!
April 5

April 8


Sleeps through the night most nights, or wakes up once a night for a bottle.

Sits up great in her BeBe Pod and Exersaucer.

Grabs toys, hair, clothes, blankets, etc and pulls them to her mouth. Everything goes in her mouth these days...

Yep, even the sequin bunny ears!

Has the basic ideas of feeding herself with a small plastic bottle. She knows when to push it out for a breather, and when to pull it back in, but she can't do it alone and often misses her mouth.

Getting better at tummy time. Can hold her head up, does mini push ups, and kicks her feet. But not all at the same time.

Smiles at familiar faces.  LOVES to see Mommy and Daddy.  She can spot us from across the room.

She hasn't been as chatty unless engaged by a person.  

Instead of sucking on her finger, she "noms" on it.

Rubs her eyes when she's tired.

Hasn't taken a pacifier for about 10 days.  She has started to hum herself to sleep if feeding doesn't do the trick.

She will laugh when tickled, especially her neck. And always for Grandpa C.

Can scoot around on her back by pushing frog-leg style.

Can roll from her back to her side.

Loves to watch TV, the computer, or the iPad.  We try to face her the other way when she starts watching for too long and not playing. She especially likes to read blogs with Daddy.

Loves to Face TIme with Uncle David and cousin Zachary.

Dislikes bright sunshine in her eyes.

Starting to like bath time.

Like pears more than apples or carrots.  Next stop, peas!

Loves spending time with Nana and Grandpa, and Grandma and Grandpa.  And they love to spoil her.

She likes to "sing" along with me when we sing the Hail Mary in the morning.

LOVES her Glow*Worm, aka Glowie (as in, that's what mine was called when I was little)

Likes to look at herself in the mirror.


Evie is an observer. When we walk into a new room or place, she scans the room and assesses everything.  Our friend Kelly pointed out that she is just like her mama in that sense. 

Nicknames include: Evie Pie, Snuggle Bear, Little Bit, Little Bee, and "B"

Evie put herself on a bit of a schedule.  She wakes up between 7 and 9 am, eats, plays and will go back to sleep about an hour later.  She usually naps until 11 or 12.  Then she'll eat lunch, play, and then is back down around 3 until Eric gets home.  If she was on an early-version of the schedule, she sometimes squeezes in another nap from 5-7, but we get her up for another meal and then bed time between 8:30-10.

She still likes to be swaddled, though most mornings we find her completely out of it and on the other side of the crib.

She eats about 500-800 mL of freshly pumped breast milk, 200 mL of defrosted, and the remaining 200-400 mL is formula.

I am pumping twice a day, sometimes three times a day, averaging 500-800 mL a day.

What they say...

"You don't know how good you have it with her"

"I don't want to see you complaining about her on Facebook, she's the best baby"

"E, she looks just like you"

"Baby Elizabeth!"

"I want to dip you in Polynesian sauce and eat you"

"I just want to eat those little sausage legs"

"Seriously, that's a cute baby"

We are...

Finally settled into our new life with a baby. 

Comfortable asking for accommodations or help when we go out.

Able to leave her with family and not worry (too much!).

Feeling less overwhelmed with the day-to-day.

Talking about timelines for the next one. (!)

SO in love with our sweet baby girl!

"Mom, are we done yet?'

20 April, 2012

A Weekend in Savannah

Last weekend started with a Day in Beaufort with Eric's great aunt and uncle.  On Friday evening we drove back from Beaufort to Savannah.  We met David and Paige and their little man, Zach, out for Mexican.  I can never say no to queso or guacamole. It was an early night for all of us.

Saturday we went to Sunny Side Up for breakfast. It's a greasy strip mall dive, and a must every time we're in Savannah.  Zach enjoyed a side of toast but Evie couldn't get passed the delicious menu.

 After breakfast we took the kids back to the house for naps and we got ready for the day.  That afternoon we headed to the park for a picnic lunch.  The afternoon started out perfectly sunny, but ended up with a little sun shower.

David got called in to work, so we packed up and drove to downtown Savannah.  David went into the office for about an hour and the rest of us went to River Street for a stroll and pralines

That evening we had a cookout by the pool and watched the Braves game. (Oh how I miss live television!)  Paige and I stayed up late talking about the babies and our post-baby bodies.  It's been so nice having someone to journey through pregnancy with.

Sunday morning we made a tasty breakfast and went to Mass.  We grabbed Zaxby's Zalads on the way back to their house.  The kids played a little while we packed and the moment it was nap time we strapped Evie in the car seat and headed back to Atlanta.

It was hard to say good-bye to our little Godson, but since both babies were full blown sick by this point, it was time to head our separate ways for some good rest.

We got back to Atlanta just in time for some exciting news....

19 April, 2012

A Day in Beaufort

Everyone needs a little no-reason getaway, right?  Eric and I have been trying to get down to the Low Country for quite some time to visit family.  A visit that was just for fun - no holidays, no parties, no agenda.

After a 4+ hour, uneventful road trip from Atlanta to Savannah on Thursday, our little family settled into the guest room at my brother, David and his wife, Pagie's house.  Evie was up screaming for over three solid hours.  Of course, the moment she finally fell asleep my nephew Zachary woke up screaming.  No rest for the weary.

Little did we know, this was the start of viruses attacking both of them.

Friday morning Eric and I waaaaay overslept, but still made it up to Beaufort, South Carolina in time for lunch.  It's about a little over an hour north of Savannah, halfway between Savannah and Charleston, right on the Intercoastal.  Some of the scenes from Forrest Gump were filmed there.  Cool, huh?

We arrived at Eric's great aunt and uncle's house.  They're like grandparents to him, since he only knew one grandparent for a few years.

We went downtown for lunch and a stroll.  Eric had shrimp, of course.  They catch it practically outside the back door.

It was a super sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky.  The perfect "don't notice the weather" temperature with a slight breeze.  Heaven on earth.

Spring was in full bloom. Our walk along the water was delightful.

Aunt Jo treated us to ice cream cones, and Evie to some snuggle time.  Eric and I walked back to their house to play cards but not without a stop at the Chocolate Tree first.  Two desserts in one afternoon.  Only on vacation!  

We also found a baby consignment shop across the street from Aunt Jo & Uncle Jim's house. I spent a few minutes sorting through the racks and snagged Evie an entire designer spring/summer wardrobe for only $45.

We had a relaxing visit and this Florida girl was ecstatic to see the water even just for a few hours.

Part Two of our long weekend is coming soon!

18 April, 2012

A Day at the Zoo.

My Mom (who is a high school media specialist) was on Spring Break / Holy Week Break.  My nephew, Connor, was on break too since he goes to daycare at her school.  My mom and I decided to take the kids to the zoo for the day.  Zoo Atlanta gets really hot, crowded, and miserable during the summer so this was the perfect time to go.  We got lucky with a cloudy, cool day.  It made for tricky picture taking but a cool temperature was worth it!

 Evie Pie was all strapped in and ready to stroll!

 So sorry to interrupt ;-)

 Connor and Nana looking for the monkeys

 Learning how to use the map.

 Red Pandas.  Connor learned what a "hammock" was.

We had a crowded visit at the regular elephant viewing area and got lucky for this front row spot by their cleaning and feeding area.  Connor was mesmerized. 

 We had to check the map a few times to figure out where the snakes were.

 The snake room was very dark and no flash photography allowed.  So no pictures of Connor singing to the snakes.  He was VERY excited to see them.  He talked about them all day.

 Lunch break!

 Checking the map (again) to make sure we visited everything.  Thank God he can't read to know that we missed the entire petting zoo.   I don't do petting zoos. Or animals in general.  This was my once a decade trip to the zoo.  Which is why this is my favorite exhibit:

I am talking about the ice cream, not the scary white legs. Though they are their own site.

Saying good-bye to the elephants as we left.