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01 May, 2013

Zoo Day!

It's Spring time in Atlanta. And in my book, the only time to go to the zoo. It was a few days after my sister's wedding so I know my mom needed to stay busy or else she'd self combust from suddenly not having anything to do. 

Really, it's never time to go to the zoo in my book, but my nephew Connor remembered when we went last spring (Evie is so small!) so I obliged.  Since my mom watches Connor some days we coordinated schedules and found the perfect day.

 We had a cold snap, but the sun was shining. 

We went super early so the animals would be out eating and playing. 
Our plan worked!  Evie got to watch the pandas eat.  She saw one chewing and said, "nom nom" which is her way of expressing "eating"

My sweet girl just absorbed everything she saw. She pointed and intently looked on.

Nana is way better and parenting that I am. She took the kids to the petting zoo to pet the goats. No thank you. I stood far away with a zoom lens. bleh.
But in return, I had to take the kids into the reptile area.  Connor really wanted to "SEE THE SNAKES, ELIZABETH!" said with much enthusiasm until picture time came.
As the morning progressed we took Evie out of the stroller and let her run around looking at the smaller animals, like the turtles and meercats.  They had a great time and Evie loved being a big kid for a few minutes.

The best part of the day was our first stop.  The big elephant exhibit is the first thing as you walk into the zoo.  The elephants weren't out so we went to the side exhibit where they are bathed and fed.  Lucky us, one of the elephants was finishing breakfast.

Connor was excited. After THE SNAKES and vultures, the elephants are his favorite. 

Evie, however, had a meltdown. She took one look at the elephants and lost it.  She started pointing and saying, "woooof wooof" and "doggie" in a sad, sobbing tone. Poor thing thought the elephants were giant dogs.  Oh, girl, if dogs were that big I'd be terrified too!

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