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12 February, 2013

Last Fling Before the Ring! Girls' Weekend in Savannah!

This weekend I had the pleasure of honoring my sister, Katie, with a bachelorette weekend in Savannah.  Katie chose Savannah since she went to college nearby, it has great weather this time of year, and it's casual.

Fourteen girls were able to make it from all over the country, and even Canada-eh?  I rented a house on one of the squares, which is the thing to do if you're ever in Savannah with a large group.  Since most of the houses have a 3 night minimum, a few of the girls took an extra day off work to take advantage of the required Thursday night stay.

It's always risky getting away with 14 girls, but this was an exceptionally drama-free girl's weekend. Thank you, Jesus!

Everyone arrived in stages on Friday, so we decided to have dinner at the house. Katie's sisters-in-law made a huge taco bar.  We spent the evening in our jammies playing games and drinking wine and sangria.

Saturday morning was leisurely and very welcomed by the mommies in the group.  Rosemary and I walked to the grocery store for brunch fixings  but the girls did all sorts of things including run a 5k! Way to go Cat!

Saturday afternoon Rosemary coordinated a "honeymoon shower" bruncheon (I'm working on single handedly bringing back the word luncheon, and this extends to the portmanteau brunch).  She had a few games for Katie to play.  First she had to answer questions about her and Sam's relationship with answers supplied by Sam.  Next she had to guess who brought each of the "honeymoon" items that we hung around the room.  Finally, each of the married girls took a minute to share a bit of advice. It was great to hear from girls married 4 months to 6 years.

The rest of the day the crew divided up. Everyone did a little something different from mani/pedis, boutique shopping, to sweet shops on River Street.

We gathered back at the house Saturday night to get ready for a night on the town.  My sister-in-law Paige is from Savannah so she made arrangements for a private dining room for dinner, tables near the band when we went dancing, and a waived cover charge for the dueling piano bar.  She also coordinated petti cabs to drive us around town that night.  The best $6 I've ever spent.

After dancing our booties off at the rooftop bar, we went to the dueling piano bar where Katie was called up on stage to participate in a few songs / dances with two other brides-to-be.  She loved every minute of it.

Sunday was a whirlwind cleaning and packing to be out of the house by 10. But we made it.

Such a great weekend. I was so blessed to spend time with Katie's new sisters, her roommates, and her long time best friends.  I hope Katie felt the love as much as I did!!

Just 55 days to go until Katie is a MRS!

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