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30 October, 2013

Fall Break in Highlands

Two weekends ago I had Sunday off from work, and Evie had Monday and Tuesday off from school.  We had a super busy Saturday and Sunday morning with two photo shoots and baby shower.  Once those were done I packed up Evie and we headed up to Highlands to visit my grandparents.

I hadn't been up for the Fall leaf change since high school (thank you weekend work schedule), so I was ecstatic!  Besides I needed some serious R&R -- fighting a virus, work stress, and growing a human.

We made great time driving up, so Evie and I stopped to watch the sun set.  My only regret? Not digging my real camera out of the trunk. Phone photos don't do it justice!

We had a fabulous time sitting by the fire, playing games, and just visiting with my grandparents. 

On Monday we went to town for an ice cream treat.

And Evie got to go to the Toy Store with Nannie to pick out a birthday gift.  She picked out a mini broom and dust pan.  She carried it up and down every sidewalk in the town sweeping the leaves. 

That night we made tacos and Evie got to be Nannie's special helper. She wore the Hello Kitty apron that I used to wear helping Nannie cook at the cabin when I was just a little older than Evie.

Tuesday morning Evie and I went for a walk down the driveway at the house.  It's a hilly gravel road so we didn't get very far, but we decided to pick up pretty leaves and make a rainbow collage. Okay, we didn't...I did. I needed something to keep me occupied while she collected handfuls of rocks.

 Evie and I both took naps after our walk before we drove down the mountain to meet Eric for after work dinner and snuggles.

Such a relaxing fun weekend away!

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