26 October, 2010

Bocce League: No Balls Allowed

A few months ago I discovered a bocce league in Atlanta.  It was sponsored by one of our favorite hangout bars and our favorite beer.  It was seriously a win-win.  I rallied the troops and the final cut was made.  An all-girls team was formed and we were ready to kick serious butt.


Our only win all season was a forfeit.

The girls and I had a great time, met some fun people, and enjoyed our weekly evenings in Piedmont Park. Though a few of our opposing teams took the game a lit-tle too seriously, we had our own fun!

Two weekends ago was our tournament.  The team we played lost horribly to ended up winning the 32-team bracket championship, so we didn't feel too bad about losing in the first round.  My family came to the game, and my dad was our team photographer (he was testing my camera to see if he wanted the same one for his birthday).

Is it good?

Close game!

Seriously, I am terrible.

Real courts on the left...the rest of us on the grass

Our fan club (the dog is not ours..haha) Mom, David, Paige

Game over.

My sister was throwing donut holes in the ref's mouth.  Look closely.  She got it!

Katie, Sarah, E, Rosemary (please pardon the squinty faces)

Another Braves Game?

I know, just wanted you wanted to know... we went to another Braves game!  This was a few weeks ago - but since I didn't blog last week, you get to know now :)

Like I said, Rosemary's been a champ at scoring us tickets from her friend Colin.  Colin bought a pair of tickets to all the play off games in Atlanta.  He'd made a list of eligable friends who could take his second ticket, or even the pair, based on how well the Braves performed when that friend was in attendnace at the game with him during the regular season.  If the Braves won when you were there, you got a point.  So, Rosemary and I were pretty high on the list.   And after the Braves lost terribly to the the Giants in game three of the five game series, Colin decided he couldn't bare the emotional rollercoaster of another tragic lost.  Enter: Elizabeth and Rosemary.   Colin gave us his two tickets to the NLDS game four playoff game.

My 14 year old self kept pitching herself.  I wish I could have been my 14 year old me this season.  The version of me that was *OBSESSED* with Javy Lopez and Bobby Cox, and the '95 World Series Braves team....  I would have loved to have known I'd be at Glavine's number retirement game, Bobby's retirement game (Javy was there!), at a play off game, and at Bobby's very last game.

Needless to say, I was excited to be at a playoff game!  And randomly, Eric ended up taking his brother-in-law's ticket and went with his sister, Leeann, to the game.  And guess where their seasons were? Down the row from ours!!

It was a tough loss, but the Braves really didn't look like a World Series team this year.  Too many rookie mistakes.  Maybe next year, guys!

12 October, 2010

Our One Year Anniversary

This past weekend Eric and I celebrated our first anniversary.  I cannot believe how fast time has gone!  To celebrate the weekend Eric planned a series of events for us to enjoy and celebrate some of the milestones in our relationship.

Thursday night we at dinner at home and hung around the apartment.  Nothing special, but as always it's nice to just be in each other's company.

Friday we both took the day off from work to go camping.  The day took a turn for the never-ending when Eric realized he had to go TO the airport to book a flight using a gift card we had received for our wedding.  Turns out we only had the receipt and the gift giver is in the coast guard on a boat far far away from Blackberry service.  We're disappointed things didn't work out in time, but alas the weekend went on...  Once Eric came home we hit the road to go backpacking in North Georgia.

Hiking has a special place in our hearts, as it was our first hike together that we realized we had a strong connection.  The place we went back packing held no milestone other than we enjoy this particular location because of the waterfalls.

Of course, I couldn't get a picture of the waterfalls where we camped because it was either too dark, or too cold for the camera to work well.  Onward.

On the drive home Saturday we stopped at Summits, one of our favorite beer bars, for post camping lunch and a little football (and beer, duh).  After lunch we went home to get ready for a date night out.

Saturday evening began with Mass at the Cathedral of Christ the King, followed by dinner at La Grotta in Buckhead. 
We'd heard great things about the fabulous food and romantic atmosphere, so a few months ago when Groupon had a $50 for $25 deal, we bought it with intentions of applying it towards our anniversary dinner.  Well,  Eric's co-worker surprised us by calling La Grotta and had a gift card put on hold for us for a very generous amount.  Let's just say we were able to afford a great bottle of wine, appetizers, dinner, dessert and after dinner drinks.  It's so great to be pampered, and we're so blessed by being gifted our dinner date.

Following dinner we went to the same hotel were we stayed on our wedding night.  Let's just say Eric was glad he didn't have to unbutton 45 microscopic buttons, or remove 100+ bobby pins from my hair.  We'll leave the rest alone.

Sunday morning came way too quickly, and the cooked to order breakfast hit the spot.  And like that, the weekend came to a halt as it was time to get ready for Confirmation class and The EDGE.  Nothing like teaching 200+ kids to break the mood.  Though, really, I was still on cloud nine the whole night!
The evening brought one last savory moment as Eric picked up our wedding cake top from my parents and we opened a bottle of wine we kept from our honeymoon in California just for this very night.  We sat on the couch, ate freezer burned cake, drank dessert wine, and laughed over memories from our first year of marriage.  We toasted to years to come.  And made a list of our hopes and dreams for the next 365 days.

05 October, 2010

Thanks, Bobby!

Rosemary has been a champ at scoring us tickets to the Braves games this season.  One of her (former) co-workers has season tickets and could sometimes get a few extra seats.  She was able to get tickets to the Bobby Cox retirement celebration game.  For those of non baseball aficionados, Bobby Cox was the managers of the Braves for 25 years, the winningest manager of all time, and the most likely manager to get ejected from the game (not because he's nasty, but because he stands up for his players!).

As a die hard fan since the '94 strike (yes, an odd year to start following baseball), it was an honor for me to be a part of Bobby's big day, and the largest Braves crowd EVER for a regular season game. Glad to celebrate the day with Eric, Rosemary and Sam!

Eric is not amused by Rosemary and my giddiness over our matching cameras

Former players there to celebrate (my boy Javy is out there!)

Celebrating #6

Celebrate Good Times

Hank Aaron unveiling Bobby's gift

Current team on the side lines

the sell out crowd

Here comes Bobby to the mound

Great signs all throughout the crowd

54,296 in attendance. Way to go Atlanta!

Nephew Connor!

I can't believe I didn't post these!  A few weeks ago Alex was in desperate need of a babysitter, so I gave up my Sunday morning to hang out with the little man for a few hours.  This little guy is busy, but such a pleasure to be around.  He's absolutely brilliant and beautiful! See for yourself :)

My Birthday

As most real Catholic holidays are several consecutive feast days, my family tries to extend our birthday to a true Octave of celebrations as well.

This year I celebrated the big 2-8 over the course of about 5 or so days.

  • Saturday I went shopping with my grandmother and mother (two separate trips!)
  • Wednesday we celebrated post-bocce with a gathering of friends at Ormsby's for dinner, bocce, darts, and skeeball.
  • Thursday was the 4th annual birthday dinner with the Buerglers at Seasons 52
  • Friday was dinner Corsetti style at my parents house
  • Sunday my friend Kat brought me a boat load of Gigi's Cupcakes all the way from Nashville
  • Monday my Toms shoes arrived (birthday present from my parents!)

It's crazy to be 28.  By this time in my mother's life she had four children.  Eric and I are only dreaming of starting a family!  By this time in my life I certainly expected to feel a lot more wise and mature, yet I feel like I am still a freshman in the ways of the world.

Anyway, life only gets better as I get older and I wouldn't trade a day of it for anything.

Cheers :)