28 October, 2014

New Beginnings

It's been a little hairy around here, but in the midst of it all good things have come.  Thanks be to God!

I subscribe to a Novena email list (you can too!) and if one comes up and I am in need of those prayers and intentions, I will pray it.  A few weeks ago the Novena to St. Anne came up with the intention of holy families and holy marriages.  I decided to pray it with the intention of Eric's job situation changing because it was wreaking havoc on our family time together, as well as his emotional well being.  Although we prayed this novena together I never shared my intention with him.  The last day of the novena he came home from work and said, "I HAVE HAD IT!"  And that night sent out his resume to several contacts in his field.

Long story short, he had interviews with three companies and landed two offers.  It was complicated weeding through the pros and cons.  Thankfully, his parents were full of lots of wisdom on the subject. The job he chose has the greatest risks, but also the greatest reward.  We are putting our trust in Lord that this decision will put us on the right path, and if not, that we'll have the proper direction shown to us soon.

Eric started his new job a little over a week ago.  He's just getting the hang of it, but so far so good.  And what's an even bigger miracle is that one of his buddies from church works in his building, and most of the folks in his cubicle area are practicing Catholic.  Talk about encouraging accountability!

He will be working on more challenging software projects.  Because he's moving from the small company arena into the corporate world, there will be more room for him to grow at this company.

We also LOVE LOVE LOVE that his commute is now 20-30 minutes each way instead of over an hour each way.  He no longer takes public transportation, but we are so thankful to have an extra half our in the morning and afternoon with Eric!

We thank God for this opportunity!!!

And then there is my piece of the puzzle. Over the summer I was approached about consulting for an area cloth diaper shop.  They have a physical location out in Athens, but were opening a satellite location in our area for folks to come put their hands on the products but still purchase through the website.  I wasn't sure this was actually going to play out so we went about all the decisions we needed to make for our family, regarding Evie's school, schedule, etc.

A few weeks ago the final details were settled.  The satellite location was firmed up...and well, it's near Evie's preschool AND it's in my OB/GYNs (new) office.  Talk about a God thing.  Oh, and there is a little nook for me to let Maggie play!

This little side gig certainly won't pay the bills, but I do get a little kick back for doing one of the things I love:  talking about cloth diapers, baby wearing, and other natural baby products! I am so excited to be partnered with The Natural Baby because almost everything they carry is made in the USA!

My responsibilities include one-on-one meet ups, arranging "expert hours" at the satellite location, and teaching monthly classes through the OB/GYNs office on Cloth Diapering 101.

If you'd like to support me and a small business, please shop www.thenaturalbaby.com (or email me!) for your cloth diapering or baby wearing needs.  We also have fun gift items like Chewbeads and aden+anais blankets! Enter code EB141016 for 5% off any order.  We ship anywhere in the US!

And lastly,  THE BLOG!!  Much thanks to Amy from The Charming for her creativity in designing a simple clean look for the blog.  It's perfect timing with our new jobs to have a new look for our family adventures!

23 October, 2014

Sunday Funday: Apple Picking

At the beginning of apple season, in late August we met a farmer at the farmer's market who had the most delicious apples.  We talked to him about coming to visit the farm.  The way we spoke about it we agreed it would be the perfect mom & pop operation for us to go visit one weekend.  He even said "be sure to call ahead to make sure we're picking".

Sunday morning we finished a tasty breakfast.  It was the perfect Fall day.  Eric and I decided to take the girls apple picking.  So we found the farmer's number and Eric called up to see if they were picking. And they were.

We had just enough time to get out the door, stop for a quick lunch, pick apples and get home in time for the Life Teen Mass at our parish.

On our drive up to Blue Ridge, GA Eric was telling me about this BBQ place on the side of the road with a million cut out pigs on signs.  And moments later we passed it.  Nothing beats road side BBQ in Georgia.   This did not disappoint.

 As we got closer to the apple orchard the traffic picked up.  This was suspicious.

We turned the corner to the address and. OH. MY. GOSH.  This wasn't someone's back yard.  It was the LARGEST ORCHARD IN GEORGIA.

Holy cow.  There were parking attendants, a tram, a gift shop, the works.   While we were a little disappointed that it wasn't the mom & pop shop we were expecting, we were blown away at the efficiency and friendliness.

We loaded up the girls, jumped on the tractor "hay" ride and off we went to pick apples.
 We were able to pick about five varieties, all favorites of ours.  We had to taste test the Pink Ladies because not all of them were ready yet.  Evie didn't care for it at first, but now it's the only one she wants at home.
 She specifically asked for yellow apples, so we were thankful they had a few Sun Crisp left.
 She really got into apple picking.  Eric had to help her, but then she'd walk around munching on an apple.
 Maggie was having too much fun for words.

 After we picked our three bags full, we loaded up the tractor and road back to the barn where we had tasty fried apple pies.  The girls had an epic meltdown so we left before we could even look around.

We had lost track of time and realized we had to head back to town as fast as possible if we were going to make it to Mass.  As we got closer to home the traffic got worse and worse.  And then Maggie needed to eat. AH.

I started looking for other times and places to make it to Mass, but we made it to our neighborhood parish 3 minutes late.  Too bad we hadn't showered and smelled terrible from apple picking.  Thankfully we found a seat in the back.  Wrangling those tired, stinky girls was rough.

All in all, a fun day! It was a little surprising to find such a large orchard but we had a great day, even if we went to Mass without showers!

16 October, 2014

Maggie: Six Months


Weight: 15lbs 3.4 ounces (33%)
Length: 28 inches (98%)
Feeds: 5 times a day, the morning feeding is getting longer with an afternoon feeding becoming more of a snack. She goes from 8pm-7amish at night between feedings.  Enjoying baby food 1-3 times a day, about 2tbsp at each feeding
Diapers:  Thirsties Size 1, full sized Tots Bots (middle rise!) and Bum Genius 4.0s;  and size 2 in disposables (at night)
Clothes:  wearing 9 and 6-12 months; we packed up the last of the 6 month clothes
Shoes: none
Teeth: two bottoms; two tops are coming soon!


 9/12/14 - Started napping in crib
9/14/14 - Met Eric's Aunt Mary Pat
9/20/14  -  cut first bottom tooth
9/29/14 - Chiropractor appointment
9/30/14 - Started baby food & rice crackers
10/1/14 - Sippy Cup
10/3/14 - Moved to crib for over night sleeping
10/4/14 - started rolling front to back and back to front


being held
a warm bath
looking in the mirror
participating in whatever we're doing (especially meal time!)
having Spike at our house for the month
putting everything in her mouth


Getting too hungry
Missing naps
Being away from Mommy for too long


Maggie continues to be a super relaxed baby.  She's very quiet, though she lights up when she's engaged with a person or toy.

This whole month the drool led way to teeth and the teeth have led way to everything going in her mouth.  She loves to CHEW! 

She's settling into sucking on her pointer finger and middle finger on her right hand, most of the time.  If she's really worked up we'll give her the pacifier to calm down enough to find her fingers.

After she started reaching for our food and cups all last month we decided to start feeding her.  We did stage 1 foods just to start out but she has done much better with stage 2s, and even better with chunky mashed table food. She LOVES a mushed up banana.  She can also feed herself Baby Mum-Mum rice crackers.  She also likes to help put the spoon in her mouth when we spoon feed her.

The pediatrician gave us the green light to feed her some meat, beans and other healthy fats like avocados.  Get a little weight on this baby!

Her belly button has been fine this month. Her tear duct is still clogged.  And she no longer snorts when she cries (I kind of miss this actually!).  

Unfortunately the ribs on Maggie's left side were sticking out funny and she'd cry any time I'd lay her on her stomach.  After other people started pointing it out to me I was going to wait until her 6 month check up, but decided to ask the chiropractor while I was in for a visit.  Maggie's hips and spine hadn't finished untwisting yet from the womb (something that is usually done by now) and it was preventing her from sitting, being comfortable on her tummy, and nursing in a side lying or cross body position.  After a few visits (mostly little baby massage, so cute!) Maggie has been nursing anyway I holder, almost sitting on her own and rolling over like a champion. 

Foods Maggie has tried this month:
sweet potatoes
winter squash
butternut squash
baby mum-mums

Maggie is just so sweet.  We have been blessed with such an incredible baby!  I love when she puts her little hands on either side of my face and pulls me in for a kiss (really, I think she's trying to eat my nose, but I like to think it's for a kiss!)  I have had to consciously remember to cherish the little moments with her. These six months have flown by so fast!

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10 October, 2014

To The Love of My Life

Dear Eric,

Five years ago today we said, "I Do"

We had no idea what life and the Lord has in store for us.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the peace and joy of each day with you by my side.

You've taught me what it means to sacrifice and to be selfless, even when I want to be greedy and selfish.  Not by your words, but by your actions.  You give of your time, talent, treasure for me, the girls, our church, your work and so on.  Not once have you asked "what's in it for me" and never have I heard you complain.

You've taught me how to love without playing games. How to be a fair fighter.  How to call each other to holiness. How to be patient during struggles.

You've have saved me from myself - from my impulsive behavior when it comes to food, shopping, and spending money.  You're steady as a rock.  You never go without, but never ask for more.

There are many many days that I don't know how or why you love me, but you do.  This love has opened my eyes to the love of The Father.  You are a reflection of His unconditional love.

When I think back on the most trying times of our marriage, it's in those challenges that I feel the closest to you.  I can't imagine anyone better to be by my side as we fought our way out of debt, purchased our home, had two natural childbirths, discerned job and career changes, recovered from surgeries, and so on.

When I think back on the most joyful times of our marriage, it's in the little ways that I feel the closest to you.  I love sharing a glance across the table and know exactly what you're thinking, squeezing a hand to share a moment, laughing through dinner for no reason, late night conversations that last hours, or a simple toast of a pint of beer.

And now I am out of words -- not because there isn't more to say, but because I'm crying and you're not here to get me a tissue (one of your important duties in our marriage!).

I love you!  I look forward to many more days, weeks, months and years of laughing at your cheesy jokes and holding your hand.

Happy five year anniversary, Eric!

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07 October, 2014

When It Rains, It Pours - Our Crazy Little Life Lately

I keep sitting down to blog and have nothing too exciting to report, but things have been absolutely crazy around here.  When it rains, it pours, right?

Let's start with a few weeks ago --


Eric and I caught her limping. I took off her shoes to see if her feet were swollen. Maybe she had been hurt and we didn't know?  When I took off her socks her feet were enflamed, peeling and blistering.  How did we miss this?  Of course it was Friday night just after her pediatrician closed for the weekend.  Saturday morning it was worse. The blisters were now oozing.  I took her to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  The doctor told me she had a terrible case of Athlete's Foot that was now a bacterial infection as well.  During the foot exam the doctor did the routine eye/ear/lungs/heart check on Evie.  She asked me a few questions and then left the room. She brought back the swabs for strep.  In less than 5 minutes Evie's strep test came back positive.  Poor girl.  She could barely walk, talk, eat, or stay awake.  She was put on her very first antibiotic for 10 days. And we have a twice a day, for three weeks care routine for her feet.


I had some kind of viral infection: exhaustion, congestion, sore throat, and upset stomach. After Evie was diagnosed with strep I went to the walk-in clinic for a strep test just to be sure I didn't have it.  I didn't, thank goodness.  She said whatever crud I had would probably take about 10-12 days to work out of my system.  I am finally feeling human again. (And thanks to Lauren for sending me some essential oils!!)


She had a rash around the collarbone area.  Our friend, Cate, a pediatric nurse practitioner took a look at it.  She had a skin irritation + heat rash exasperated by the drool from teething.   Maggie also cut her two bottom teeth and is now working on the top two.  She also had a touch of the cold I had.  She's been getting essential oils on her feet, and aquaphor and hydrocortisone on her chest for 10 days.

We also noticed her rib seemed out of place.  I took her to the chiropractor with me.  The doctor felt it and said that Maggie's hips and spine hadn't released from the curled up in the womb position yet, and should have a while ago.  The curl was twisting Maggie's rib cage now.  Maggie has had four visits with the chiropractor and is doing much better. She can finally lay on her stomach, roll over, almost sit and is able to nurse in a cross body position (not just football hold!).

And then on my birthday she refused two bottled feedings at my inlaws so Eric and I had to shuffle the birthday date night around getting to feed Maggie. Oy!


He came home from work about a month ago and decided he needed a new job. He quickly updated his resume and began networking. With in a few days he had 3 interviews lined up. After a week of interviews and projects, two of those turned into offers. After lots of prayer, phone calls and seeking council with our parents, Eric selected one of those jobs and is moving forward. He put in his two weeks notice yesterday.  It's been very stressful for him, but the whole process has been incredibly blessed.  Yesterday he came home with a migraine (which he doesn't usually get), probably from the stress relief of moving forward with his career! I am so proud of him!

As a family. 

We are house-sitting two houses and dog sitting (at our house) for the month for some family that is out of town.  One of the houses has needed quite a bit of attention, of course we've been getting the calls in the middle of the night.  The other house has been low maintenance, but I do have to stop and sort the mail every few days.

We also had my brother and his family stay with us for the weekend. Lots and lots of sheets and towels to wash. Thankfully they're easy and low maintenance house guests.

The Dog.  

As it is the dog is fairly high maintenance. He requires special food, special shampoo, ear drops, etc.  He's not supposed to eat people food.  Having kids that's really challenging.  Yesterday, Evie spilled a cup of trail mix. I caught the dog eating it. I had no idea how much he'd eaten but I knew raisins and chocolate aren't good for dogs. Called the vet. She wasn't too concerned but mention he might throw up a bit.  He has passed the window in which he might be sick, so thankfully that crisis is averted.

Back to Evie.  

While the drama with the dog was going on, Evie swallowed the little plastic connector that makes a glow stick into a necklace. She told us all about it very matter-of-factly.  Thankfully nurse Cate and our pediatrician returned our calls with the same good news:  the part should pass within a week.  Dear God I hope so.

In summary.

When I think back to what I have done over the last month the answer is call doctors, sit in waiting rooms, clean wounds, administer medicines, walk a dog, talk to the police, sort other people's mail, and figure out how to feed a family and keep my house clean.

This week's Bible study lesson was so entirely fitting --

"When troubles come, bring your heart back to the sure knowledge of his love and his wise providence. It is a mark of all true followers of Christ that they have learned to be steady in the storm; they have learned to rejoice in the depths of their souls even in the midst of tears. He is worthy of your trust"  ~ Choosing the Better Part, Unit 282

So thankful for the Lord's presence and peace throughout these tiny trials this month.  I know we have so much to be grateful for and that we are otherwise in great health and abundantly blessed, especially with Eric's new job.  These little trials are what keeps us in prayer and holding on to our relationship with Christ!

02 October, 2014

The One With All The Vacation Photos - Corsetti Siblings Weekend 2014

As we've grown older, and the busier our lives become, the more important we've found family time.  I am one of four children.  Three of the four of us are married. And three of the four of us have children.  Our children are close in age and just adore each other.
This is our third annual weekend trip.  Just us siblings, our spouses / significant others, children and our grandparents.  We head up to Highlands, NC where my grandparents have a "cabin".  We each pitch in to help with the cooking and cleaning to maximize our time together.
 In the past we've gone up during the summer, but now that I am not working weekends we thought an early Fall trip would be fun.
 On Friday I picked up Evie from school and we drove straight up the mountain.  David, Paige and Zachary left Savannah very early Friday morning so they were already up there.  We enjoyed swing set time, snuggles and a huge taco spread before the rest of the crew arrived.
 I still don't know how we managed as much as we did on Saturday, yet it felt relaxed.  We played cards, of course.  Had a yummy lunch.
 Then we loaded up the cars and headed to Dry Falls for a little hike under the water fall.

And then we went into town for some ice cream and wondering.

 When we returned to the cabin, Katie and my grandparents had loaded up the tractor with hay for a hay ride over to the big field on the back side of the property.
 We spent the next three hours playing out in the field. The kids ran, we played on the slack line, blew bubbles, and played an epic 3-inning game of siblings vs outlaws in wiffle ball.
 The outlaws took the lead, but the siblings brought home the W.
 After the fun in the field, it was time to make apple cider. The kids helped cut up the apples (and taste test them!)
 And into the cider press they went!
 And into the house to sample the goods!
 That evening we had a nice steak dinner, sat around the fire and talked.  We ended up calling it a night fairly early because we were all exhausted and sore from running the bases!

Sunday morning everyone started leaving in shifts.  We went to Mass before having a clean-out-the-fridge leftovers lunch and heading down the mountain.  Eric had to get to our church to give the talk at Life Teen that night.

Another year, another great weekend.  They always seem to go so fast!

Cabin Weekend 2013