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18 March, 2013

Evie's Little Hair Cut!

When I was at the salon for Katie's trial run we were all talking about our pre-wedding hair cuts and who is doing our wedding day up dos.

It dawned on me that Evie's hair is growing like a weed, but is looking a little scraggily (scraggly? google is conflicted on the spelling).

I inquired about getting her hair cut.  Thank goodness the receptionist leaned over and told me that since Evie is just 16 months old they'd ring her up as a "bang trim" instead of a kids cut.  Bang trims are free.  Kids cuts start at $18+ depending on the stylist.

I'll take free, thank you very much.

She told me to call the day before I came in for my hair cut to get on the books.  I did just that.

Eric came with me so he could take Evie home while I stayed for my cut.  It was great to have another set of hands (read: photographer)

We arrived a few minutes early which was great. Evie could warm up to the loud hair dryers and all the commotion. She's a little apprehensive in new places.

Here's her "before" hair. Now, if she wasn't going to be in my sister's wedding I would have let her hair grow out a few more months before a hair cut, but it was tangling and well, just needed a trim to look polished for her flower girl debut.
 We were SO fortunate to have the senior most hair stylist at the salon. (Her kids cuts start at $15 more than my hair cut with a beginner stylist. Psh. We got it free!).  She was obviously very experienced. She had Evie sit facing me on the seat and gave her some clippies to play with.

 The stylist worked quickly. And some how managed not to give Evie a butchered hair cut amidst the wiggling.

 Look how long Evie's hair is!!! I didn't realize how much curl it had!

I was trying so hard not to cry, yet beaming with pride that my little girl looked so precious and so grown up! (the not-crying-beaming-with-pride face is shown below!)

And there is is!  Evie's big girl bob!  The stylist even took a round brush to it and curled it under (haha!)

(I am not sure why she has a giant arm in this picture)

My precious girl is SO grown up!!!!

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