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12 January, 2015

2014: I Keep Cruising, Can't Stop, Won't Stop Moving

2014 was a blessed year! 
Eric left his job at RouteMatch and began working for NCR writing software.
 Elizabeth retired from youth ministry and started a photography business and cloth diaper consulting job.
Evie switched preschools and started taking dance and gymnastics.
We welcomed Maggie into the world and adore her infectious smile.

We had a very quiet New Years Eve but the year started with a bang. Elizabeth went to St. Pete for her cousin Kristin's wedding.  We went to Monster Jam again. Eric attended the Christ Renews His Parish retreat and continued with the group formation in the months following. Elizabeth finished painting the furniture for Evie's room and we transitioned Evie to her "big girl room". Evie went on her first MARTA ride downtown to visit Eric at his office.
February started with the chaos of SnowJam2014 where Eric had to abandon his car and walk three miles home with a gallon of milk.  Eric took Evie to Daddy-Daughter Date Night at Chick-fil-a.  Evie had her first real hair cut. We watched the Winter Olympics. Elizabeth started taking on more photoshoots and gave her notice at her job as Confirmation Youth Minister.
March was spent in and out of the doctor and hospital for Elizabeth as her blood pressure kept spiking due to the pregnancy.  Elizabeth and her mom took Evie and Zachary to the Aquarium.  Eric and Elizabeth attended the St. Patrick's Dance at the church with family. Elizabeth went on a silent(ish) Lent retreat and thankfully didn't go into labor.  Elizabeth wrote her last weekly Bump Update before Maggie's arrival
April was a blur as Elizabeth had her last day of work.  Maggie stole our hearts with her beautiful arrival.  Eric turned 30!  Easter was spent snuggling with our newest addition.
Our May was unusually quiet, but with a one month old it was welcomed. Elizabeth took on several photo sessions.  Our friends Sean & Victoria had a wedding celebration. And, Eric was a lector at our friend's Chris & Cate's wedding.  Evie had her last day of Pre-K2.
June was full of summer fun. Evie participated in summer camps and vacation bible school through her preschool. We went to several morning movies at Studio Movie Grill while Maggie napped in the carseat.  Eric went to Nathan & Eliza's wedding.  
July picked up speed as we finally adjusted to being a family of four. Alex and Elizabeth took Connor and Evie bowling. Eric's nephew, Luke, turned one.  Eric and Leeann ran the Peachtree Road Race. We kept our family tradition of Waffle House on Fourth of July.  Eric and Elizabeth took Maggie to Notre Dame for Rosemary & Pat's wedding.  Eric went on a Life Teen mission trip to Mustard Seed Nicaragua. Eric and Elizabeth had a double date night with Dan and Leeann to see The Little Mermaid at the Fox Theatre. Elizabeth hosted a girl's night with her family at Studio Movie Grill to see Footloose.
August was full of sunshine and boat rides. Fr. Dennis baptized Maggie.  The Buergler family went to Beaufort, SC to visit Aunt Jo.  Eric took Elizabeth to Six Flags for his company's picnic.
In September, Evie started going to Young Threes at a new pre-school. We adore the school and Evie looks forward to going. Maggie started reaching milestone like rolling over and sleeping in her own room.  Evie took a few weeks of dances classes.  Eric started another year volunteering with Life Teen.  Elizabeth expanded her photography skills with more classes, and turned 32!  The Corsetti siblings spent a weekend at the cabin
October was a little hectic with All The Things.  Eric and Elizabeth celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. We went apple picking. Elizabeth photographed her first wedding. Maggie began sitting up. Eric led a backpacking retreat.  Elizabeth started working for a cloth diaper shop. Most importantly, Eric found a new job, doing software consulting for NCR. The family celebrated Halloween with Trunk or Treat.

This was our first November without Elizabeth working crazy hours. So nice! Maggie started waving. Evie turned three and we had a small party.  She also switched from dance to gymnastics. Eric settled into his job. We celebrated Thanksgiving at the Pandolfos. Elizabeth threw Paige a baby shower. 
December was a blur of snotty noses, fevers, and coughs. The Buergler family passed around Influenza A. It kept them at home for a solid two weeks missing the annual Gingerbread party. The girls still made it to the Botanical Gardens and the Cookie Exchange.  We had a family fun day at Legoland. And then ate our way through All The Christmas Parties and wished Jesus a happy birthday.

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