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17 July, 2014

Funday: The Bowling Alley

Last week my brother gave me a call.  He asked if I wanted to meet him and Connor for Putt-Putt and Moe's later in the week.  He offered to help Evie learn how to play so I could take care of Maggie.  It sounded like fun and we love any chance we get to hang out with Uncle Alex and cousin Connor.  Uncle Alex's shift at work changes soon, so our late mornings with them will come to an end.

When we woke up that morning it was already 90+ degrees at 8am and about 8000% humidity. Doing anything outside, especially baby wearing, was NOT an option.

We threw out a few other ideas but then he suggested bowling.  Our local alley was offering a special for $9.99: 2 hours of bowling, personal pizza, coke, shoe rental and $3 of coins for the arcade.  Bingo.

I had no idea what to expect from Evie.  Honestly, I prepared myself for helping her every step of the way.  But after 2 or 3 frames, this girl was on fire!  She could carry her 6 pound ball to the ramp and roll it down all by herself.  Or, as she says, "I do all by'self"

Let's talk about those bowling shoes + Nike shorts. Too cute.
Little stinker did so well she beat Connor!  
 After our first game we cashed in our lunch coupons and sat down for pizza.  There was a large group of adults with special needs at the bowling alley.  Some of them were pretty chatty and came over to visit with us.  They loved talking to the kids, especially looking at Maggie.  We finished up our lunch and time with our special visitors and decided to play another game.  After about 4 frames in the kids were getting antsy.  And even though I had a turkey (three strikes in a row! boom!) I was willing to give up the game...because it really is all about the kids well being!

Alex took the kids into the game room.  Connor and Alex used up the tokens on racing games and Evie "played" along with them.

We had a great afternoon with my brother and nephew.  Evie continues to blow me away with what she can do.  She's getting so big!!  We're looking forward to Connor's bowling birthday party coming up soon!

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