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02 October, 2014

The One With All The Vacation Photos - Corsetti Siblings Weekend 2014

As we've grown older, and the busier our lives become, the more important we've found family time.  I am one of four children.  Three of the four of us are married. And three of the four of us have children.  Our children are close in age and just adore each other.
This is our third annual weekend trip.  Just us siblings, our spouses / significant others, children and our grandparents.  We head up to Highlands, NC where my grandparents have a "cabin".  We each pitch in to help with the cooking and cleaning to maximize our time together.
 In the past we've gone up during the summer, but now that I am not working weekends we thought an early Fall trip would be fun.
 On Friday I picked up Evie from school and we drove straight up the mountain.  David, Paige and Zachary left Savannah very early Friday morning so they were already up there.  We enjoyed swing set time, snuggles and a huge taco spread before the rest of the crew arrived.
 I still don't know how we managed as much as we did on Saturday, yet it felt relaxed.  We played cards, of course.  Had a yummy lunch.
 Then we loaded up the cars and headed to Dry Falls for a little hike under the water fall.

And then we went into town for some ice cream and wondering.

 When we returned to the cabin, Katie and my grandparents had loaded up the tractor with hay for a hay ride over to the big field on the back side of the property.
 We spent the next three hours playing out in the field. The kids ran, we played on the slack line, blew bubbles, and played an epic 3-inning game of siblings vs outlaws in wiffle ball.
 The outlaws took the lead, but the siblings brought home the W.
 After the fun in the field, it was time to make apple cider. The kids helped cut up the apples (and taste test them!)
 And into the cider press they went!
 And into the house to sample the goods!
 That evening we had a nice steak dinner, sat around the fire and talked.  We ended up calling it a night fairly early because we were all exhausted and sore from running the bases!

Sunday morning everyone started leaving in shifts.  We went to Mass before having a clean-out-the-fridge leftovers lunch and heading down the mountain.  Eric had to get to our church to give the talk at Life Teen that night.

Another year, another great weekend.  They always seem to go so fast!

Cabin Weekend 2013

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