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14 January, 2015

Maggie: Eight and Nine Months


Weight: 17lbs 12oz (28%) 
Length: 29.5 inches (92%) 
Feeds: nurses 4-5 times a day; once during the night.  Has 1 jar or squeeze pouch at meals, plus a few tablespoons of what we're having. Plum (brand) teething crackers are a favorite!
Diapers:  Tots Bots, Bum Genius 4.0s, Thirsties pockets and AIO, and Bottom Bumpers OS.  Size 3 in disposables (at night)
Clothes:  12 month and 12-18 months
Shoes: none
Teeth: two bottoms; one top tooth!


11/27/14 - Thanksgiving
12/4/14 - Tested positive for Influenza A
12/18/14 - dadada, mamama, nanana
12/25/15 - Christmas
1/1/15 - New Year's Day!
1/4/15 - Graduated to rear facing infant/toddler seat 


being part of the action, especially with other children
playing with toys
playing with Evie


when something is too far out of reach
having food or a toy taken away
when Evie plays too rough


With the flu, cold, and teeth coming in Maggie has been up at least once, sometimes twice during the night for the last five to six weeks.  She's usually very hungry.

We're ramping up solids during the day with puffs, cheerios, and a sampling of whatever we're eating for that meat.  She much prefers this to purees. 

Maggie is fantastic with her sippy cup. 

When Eric is feeling brave he will put both girls in the bath tub together. This is especially fun now that Maggie sits and splashes along with Evie.

It takes a few tries but she can go from sitting to crawling position.

Started standing with help or when propped up

We packed up the Exersaucer and play mat with our last attic trip. It's time she really work on crawling and scooting around.

Maggie loved Christmas. She enjoyed the extra snuggles with all the family, the bright lights, and most especially eating the wrapping paper!

My favorite part of the day is when Evie getting Maggie to belly laugh.

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