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07 October, 2014

When It Rains, It Pours - Our Crazy Little Life Lately

I keep sitting down to blog and have nothing too exciting to report, but things have been absolutely crazy around here.  When it rains, it pours, right?

Let's start with a few weeks ago --


Eric and I caught her limping. I took off her shoes to see if her feet were swollen. Maybe she had been hurt and we didn't know?  When I took off her socks her feet were enflamed, peeling and blistering.  How did we miss this?  Of course it was Friday night just after her pediatrician closed for the weekend.  Saturday morning it was worse. The blisters were now oozing.  I took her to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  The doctor told me she had a terrible case of Athlete's Foot that was now a bacterial infection as well.  During the foot exam the doctor did the routine eye/ear/lungs/heart check on Evie.  She asked me a few questions and then left the room. She brought back the swabs for strep.  In less than 5 minutes Evie's strep test came back positive.  Poor girl.  She could barely walk, talk, eat, or stay awake.  She was put on her very first antibiotic for 10 days. And we have a twice a day, for three weeks care routine for her feet.


I had some kind of viral infection: exhaustion, congestion, sore throat, and upset stomach. After Evie was diagnosed with strep I went to the walk-in clinic for a strep test just to be sure I didn't have it.  I didn't, thank goodness.  She said whatever crud I had would probably take about 10-12 days to work out of my system.  I am finally feeling human again. (And thanks to Lauren for sending me some essential oils!!)


She had a rash around the collarbone area.  Our friend, Cate, a pediatric nurse practitioner took a look at it.  She had a skin irritation + heat rash exasperated by the drool from teething.   Maggie also cut her two bottom teeth and is now working on the top two.  She also had a touch of the cold I had.  She's been getting essential oils on her feet, and aquaphor and hydrocortisone on her chest for 10 days.

We also noticed her rib seemed out of place.  I took her to the chiropractor with me.  The doctor felt it and said that Maggie's hips and spine hadn't released from the curled up in the womb position yet, and should have a while ago.  The curl was twisting Maggie's rib cage now.  Maggie has had four visits with the chiropractor and is doing much better. She can finally lay on her stomach, roll over, almost sit and is able to nurse in a cross body position (not just football hold!).

And then on my birthday she refused two bottled feedings at my inlaws so Eric and I had to shuffle the birthday date night around getting to feed Maggie. Oy!


He came home from work about a month ago and decided he needed a new job. He quickly updated his resume and began networking. With in a few days he had 3 interviews lined up. After a week of interviews and projects, two of those turned into offers. After lots of prayer, phone calls and seeking council with our parents, Eric selected one of those jobs and is moving forward. He put in his two weeks notice yesterday.  It's been very stressful for him, but the whole process has been incredibly blessed.  Yesterday he came home with a migraine (which he doesn't usually get), probably from the stress relief of moving forward with his career! I am so proud of him!

As a family. 

We are house-sitting two houses and dog sitting (at our house) for the month for some family that is out of town.  One of the houses has needed quite a bit of attention, of course we've been getting the calls in the middle of the night.  The other house has been low maintenance, but I do have to stop and sort the mail every few days.

We also had my brother and his family stay with us for the weekend. Lots and lots of sheets and towels to wash. Thankfully they're easy and low maintenance house guests.

The Dog.  

As it is the dog is fairly high maintenance. He requires special food, special shampoo, ear drops, etc.  He's not supposed to eat people food.  Having kids that's really challenging.  Yesterday, Evie spilled a cup of trail mix. I caught the dog eating it. I had no idea how much he'd eaten but I knew raisins and chocolate aren't good for dogs. Called the vet. She wasn't too concerned but mention he might throw up a bit.  He has passed the window in which he might be sick, so thankfully that crisis is averted.

Back to Evie.  

While the drama with the dog was going on, Evie swallowed the little plastic connector that makes a glow stick into a necklace. She told us all about it very matter-of-factly.  Thankfully nurse Cate and our pediatrician returned our calls with the same good news:  the part should pass within a week.  Dear God I hope so.

In summary.

When I think back to what I have done over the last month the answer is call doctors, sit in waiting rooms, clean wounds, administer medicines, walk a dog, talk to the police, sort other people's mail, and figure out how to feed a family and keep my house clean.

This week's Bible study lesson was so entirely fitting --

"When troubles come, bring your heart back to the sure knowledge of his love and his wise providence. It is a mark of all true followers of Christ that they have learned to be steady in the storm; they have learned to rejoice in the depths of their souls even in the midst of tears. He is worthy of your trust"  ~ Choosing the Better Part, Unit 282

So thankful for the Lord's presence and peace throughout these tiny trials this month.  I know we have so much to be grateful for and that we are otherwise in great health and abundantly blessed, especially with Eric's new job.  These little trials are what keeps us in prayer and holding on to our relationship with Christ!


  1. Oh my gosh! You've been thru the wringer...hope your little family is on the mend!! :)

  2. Ahhh, so much craziness! I hope things get back to the normal level of crazy soon!


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