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28 October, 2014

New Beginnings

It's been a little hairy around here, but in the midst of it all good things have come.  Thanks be to God!

I subscribe to a Novena email list (you can too!) and if one comes up and I am in need of those prayers and intentions, I will pray it.  A few weeks ago the Novena to St. Anne came up with the intention of holy families and holy marriages.  I decided to pray it with the intention of Eric's job situation changing because it was wreaking havoc on our family time together, as well as his emotional well being.  Although we prayed this novena together I never shared my intention with him.  The last day of the novena he came home from work and said, "I HAVE HAD IT!"  And that night sent out his resume to several contacts in his field.

Long story short, he had interviews with three companies and landed two offers.  It was complicated weeding through the pros and cons.  Thankfully, his parents were full of lots of wisdom on the subject. The job he chose has the greatest risks, but also the greatest reward.  We are putting our trust in Lord that this decision will put us on the right path, and if not, that we'll have the proper direction shown to us soon.

Eric started his new job a little over a week ago.  He's just getting the hang of it, but so far so good.  And what's an even bigger miracle is that one of his buddies from church works in his building, and most of the folks in his cubicle area are practicing Catholic.  Talk about encouraging accountability!

He will be working on more challenging software projects.  Because he's moving from the small company arena into the corporate world, there will be more room for him to grow at this company.

We also LOVE LOVE LOVE that his commute is now 20-30 minutes each way instead of over an hour each way.  He no longer takes public transportation, but we are so thankful to have an extra half our in the morning and afternoon with Eric!

We thank God for this opportunity!!!

And then there is my piece of the puzzle. Over the summer I was approached about consulting for an area cloth diaper shop.  They have a physical location out in Athens, but were opening a satellite location in our area for folks to come put their hands on the products but still purchase through the website.  I wasn't sure this was actually going to play out so we went about all the decisions we needed to make for our family, regarding Evie's school, schedule, etc.

A few weeks ago the final details were settled.  The satellite location was firmed up...and well, it's near Evie's preschool AND it's in my OB/GYNs (new) office.  Talk about a God thing.  Oh, and there is a little nook for me to let Maggie play!

This little side gig certainly won't pay the bills, but I do get a little kick back for doing one of the things I love:  talking about cloth diapers, baby wearing, and other natural baby products! I am so excited to be partnered with The Natural Baby because almost everything they carry is made in the USA!

My responsibilities include one-on-one meet ups, arranging "expert hours" at the satellite location, and teaching monthly classes through the OB/GYNs office on Cloth Diapering 101.

If you'd like to support me and a small business, please shop (or email me!) for your cloth diapering or baby wearing needs.  We also have fun gift items like Chewbeads and aden+anais blankets! Enter code EB141016 for 5% off any order.  We ship anywhere in the US!

And lastly,  THE BLOG!!  Much thanks to Amy from The Charming for her creativity in designing a simple clean look for the blog.  It's perfect timing with our new jobs to have a new look for our family adventures!

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