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01 July, 2014

Recent Portrait Work: Engagements, Seniors and Families

I've had the honor to take some really neat photos lately.  I think my favorite part about being a photographer is sharing in exciting moments in a person or family's life.


The bride had access to a vineyard in North Georgia.  We had a great afternoon playing in the grapes and mountains.  They're super casual together and love to laugh. A LOT!  The groom plays trumpet and the couple enjoys wine tastings.  The bride was super creative in coming up with the props for this shoot.  I can't wait for their wedding in October!

Class of 2014 - Seniors!

This senior was in my middle school youth group.  She called and was like, "Oh hey, forgot to get my senior pictures taken and graduation is tomorrow."  Haha.  She is an aspiring model and is hoping to work in the nutrition and fitness industry some day!

This senior is my beautiful cousin.  She has a heart of gold.  I'm so proud of her and was thrilled she asked me to take TWO sets of senior pictures one last fall and another this spring.  These are the spring photos.  She is aspiring to be a special education teacher.
 (This was our "Common White Girl" photo.  iPhone, Starbucks and Lily Pulitzer.  Haha!)


This first family is such a special gift to me.  I've known two of the sisters for half of my life.  (Shout out to James on the far right for the new photography logo!).  They contacted me to book this shoot as a gift to their mom for Mother's Day.  The new baby was born the same week John Paul and John XVIII were canonized saints.  His name is John, of course!

This family is also equally special to me.  We share a common friend (see family above! ha) but really became friends through blogging and then in real life and through working together for a short while.  Their family is unique because they have FIVE generations still living.  When the new baby was born all five generations gathered for the Baptism.  I was beyond honored to capture all the women.

And lastly, our little nephew, who turns ONE today!!  My sister-in-law is doing a photo gallery of his newborn and now one-year pictures for his party next weekend.

What I've Learned -

  • Take the time to style the shot.  Pay attention to clothing, foot positions, shadows and what's in the background.
  • Kids are hard. Really hard.  But having a toy or treats on hand helps.
  • I'm ready to upgrade my equipment. My camera body is slowly dying on me and the processor is too slow for capturing kids.  I need something better for low light, too.  My portrait lens needs to be cleaned or is faulty, I'm getting a glare on it.
  • I think I've found my editing "look" but I keep second guessing myself on "is this what the client wants?"  While I love to do the artsy finishes on photos I also wonder how those are going to hold up over time.  Will they look silly in 10-15 years?

I have really enjoyed being a part of people's lives in an intimate way.  It's been a great hobby for me.  I love having a creative outlet to share with others.


  1. These are so lovely!

    I never minded when photos look dated due to finish/style. I find our very 90's family portraits, for example, more nostalgic for it. Just steer clear of anything that might end up on awkward family photos:)


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