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10 February, 2014

Daddy-Daughter Date Night

Our local Chick-fil-as host an annual Daddy-Daughter Date Night.  Eric had been excited to take Evie since we learned about this when she was just 3 months old. Last year she was still too little, but this year was JUST RIGHT!  

Saturday morning I started preparing Evie for her special night. I told her all about how she'd wear a special dress, put a bow in her hair and wear her ruffly socks.  I also told her Daddy would get dressed up in his fancy suit and tie and the two of them would go out for a yummy dinner.

 She was SO EXCITED!  She talked about it all day. She kept asking questions.  Like, would they take Daddy's car?  Was Mommy going?  And would there be ice cream? (Girl has standards, I tell you).

After her nap I started getting her dressed.  She was giddy with excitement as she remembered about her special night out.

Eric came by her room and "picked her up" for their date, but I couldn't let them leave with out a few photos.

Off they went!

Eric said Chick-fil-a did a nice job by providing table service, little conversation starters more geared towards the older girls, and treat bags and flowers for all the girls.

He said there was a range of ages from Evie's age to fourteen-ish. And a variety of dress - polo shirts to suit jackets, and little girls in all sorts of dresses.

They had a great night. Evie came home excited to tell me all about her ice cream with sprinkles and her rose that she held the whole way home.

I am so glad these two are building a solid foundation to their Daddy-Daughter relationship.  I can't wait for baby sister to join them in a few years. In the meantime, I hope Evie and Eric set their calendar for the occasional date night, with or without Chick-fil-a's special event.

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  1. So cute! I always loved daddy daughter events with my dad.


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