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10 October, 2014

To The Love of My Life

Dear Eric,

Five years ago today we said, "I Do"

We had no idea what life and the Lord has in store for us.

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the peace and joy of each day with you by my side.

You've taught me what it means to sacrifice and to be selfless, even when I want to be greedy and selfish.  Not by your words, but by your actions.  You give of your time, talent, treasure for me, the girls, our church, your work and so on.  Not once have you asked "what's in it for me" and never have I heard you complain.

You've taught me how to love without playing games. How to be a fair fighter.  How to call each other to holiness. How to be patient during struggles.

You've have saved me from myself - from my impulsive behavior when it comes to food, shopping, and spending money.  You're steady as a rock.  You never go without, but never ask for more.

There are many many days that I don't know how or why you love me, but you do.  This love has opened my eyes to the love of The Father.  You are a reflection of His unconditional love.

When I think back on the most trying times of our marriage, it's in those challenges that I feel the closest to you.  I can't imagine anyone better to be by my side as we fought our way out of debt, purchased our home, had two natural childbirths, discerned job and career changes, recovered from surgeries, and so on.

When I think back on the most joyful times of our marriage, it's in the little ways that I feel the closest to you.  I love sharing a glance across the table and know exactly what you're thinking, squeezing a hand to share a moment, laughing through dinner for no reason, late night conversations that last hours, or a simple toast of a pint of beer.

And now I am out of words -- not because there isn't more to say, but because I'm crying and you're not here to get me a tissue (one of your important duties in our marriage!).

I love you!  I look forward to many more days, weeks, months and years of laughing at your cheesy jokes and holding your hand.

Happy five year anniversary, Eric!

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