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16 December, 2011

A Belated Thanksgiving Post

 Evie was due just four days before Thanksgiving.  I made my dad promise that if we were in the hospital for Thanksgiving he would bring me a real turkey dinner so that my holiday wouldn't consist of green jello and mystery meat.

Fortunately Evie was born two weeks before her due date.

Though still extremely tired and cranky (me, not Evie) we ventured to my parents to visit with family, enjoy a tasty dinner, and celebrate our thankfulness.

As usual, my mother outdid herself with the tablescape

And we all chipped in for an appetizer lunch
(If you look carefully in the top left corner of this picture you can see the pot holders we made my dad a few years ago. He swears those are the best kind and our childhood ones finally bit the dust. Anyway...)

And our dinner was delicious, of course.


What's Thanksgiving without the squishy cranberry "sauce" in a can, complete with the can lines on it?

Evie and Zach at "the kids table"

Okay, maybe dinner was too good.
What is going on in the background of this picture?

We had fun letting the little kids play

 While the big kids played

Hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving, too!

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