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02 December, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic day sharing a meal and afternoon with family and friends.  There is nothing more that Eric and I are thankful for than our families.

A traditional Corsetti family Thanksgiving was celebrated at the cabin with all 30 of the Sander family members.  While this was an incredible tradition, and one that we all looked forward to year after year, with little Connor and baby Carlos/Carlosita on the way, it's just a bit much for the 11.5 of us to go the cabin.  Beside, my parents have been married almost 30 years and have never once made a Thanksgiving meal of their own.

Mom and Dad pulled out all the stops!  We all chipped in a little with the food preparations, but Mom did a beautiful job decorating the table and coordinating the meal.  Dad cooked the organic, farm raised turkey, that Eric and I had purchase (and watch grow via email pictures) back in March.  mmm.

After the appetizers were consumed, and the turkey was in the oven, we went outside to play some corn hole and bocce.

And finally, it was turkey time!

16.5 pound farm raised, baby!

Poor Katie.

Dad carving the bird

Katie won the fight to light the candles
(yes, we still fight over this, the front seat, and who puts the check in the basket at Mass)

David's only contribution was Brown 'N Serve rolls. Guess who did the dishes?

My sweet potato fries with melty marshmallow goo

And then the after dinner fun began:

Connor played "Dog"

And we tried to take some nice photos

But do we take anything seriously?
 Before the night was over, some attempted Christmas card photos...but you'll have to wait for the mail for the real deal!

Alex and Connor


Before the night was over, Eric and I rolled out fat selves over to the Buerglers for a second round of desserts and a little time with his family and their regular Thanksgiving crew.

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