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10 December, 2012

The Sixth Annual Decorate a Ginger Person in Your Likeness

It's that time of year again when Sam sends out his hilarious invitation and we festively gather around to toast to friendship and to decorate little gingerbread people to look like us.  I've been honored to attend this party almost since it's conception.

For your reading pleasure, I have included the invitation from Sam. It's nearly the best part of the event!

Hello friends, family, and democrats...Atlanta's second of it's 2 seasons is upon us.  As we begin to enjoy these somewhat-colder-but-not-quite-winter-coat times, I ask you to take a few minutes and think about what this year is missing?  What memory would make your holiday cup of joy overflow?  What could make an election year even better?  What could possibly come close to putting a cherry on top of an undefeated Notre Dame Season Sundae? The answer is simple my fellow holiday happiness hounds, and the opportunity to fulfill your wildest dreams is fast approaching...


Yes, despite rumors, wishes, and prayers, despite continuing to grow up and gain responsibility, I am still clinging to the holiday tradition that makes everyone giggle like a child.  Whether sacred or profane, nothing gets a laugh more than watching your semi-to-fully intoxicated friends and loved ones demonstrate an embarrassing lack of artistic skills while trying to emblazon their likeness onto a gingerbread man cookie.  Wars were won and empires created with less effort and planning.

So dearest friends and family, I ask that you set aside your holiday hustle and bustle, and I beseech you to join in the festivities on Saturday, December 8th at 7pm.  

I will supply the cookies and "creative lubrication", as well as some sustenance (read: main course) for your creative journey--you bring your own decorations, props, weapons, and desserts/apps.

People who fail to attend will likely be mocked and humiliated by having a drunken party-goer (most likely me) try to make a cookie that looks like you.  If you think cameras add ten pounds and show your bad side, wait until you see what me + a blank broken ginger cookie + a house full of liquor and beer + all the left over icing colors mixed together can do...just check facebook for pictures from the last 5 years if you doubt me.

Love you all, can't wait to see you!
~ Sam and Katie

To add to the merriment this year, I provided some photo props to entertain those who were not having their way with the frosting and sprinkles.

And of course the food!  Many guests even brought ginger inspired foods like Ginger Ale punch, Ginger Chicken, and Pumpkin Ginger Muffins.

And without further ado, the ginger persons in our likeness....

Sam had to channel all of his energy into his Notre Dame Ginger after Manti T'eo didn't win the Heisman. 

 Chris and Cate
 Sam and Katie
 Katie's co-workers
 Eric and I were not "stepping on our baby".  She was just laying down for a nap. 
Sean and Victoria

I made this one for our pregnant friend Mandi who couldn't come last minute do to that pesky morning sickness that lasts all day...and night. Do you see her baby ginger on her belly? hehe

Our priest even had a cameo appearance!

These gingers were made by a couple who retired in Atlanta after many years in South Beach. Ow ow!

Merry Christmas, Y'all!!!

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