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09 December, 2010

The Fourth Annual Decorate A Ginger Person in Your Likeness party

I don't know how the First Annual Decorate A Ginger Person in Your Likeness party came about, but I do know that we give Sam a hard time for hosting such a girlie party.

Really it's quite simple:  bring a food item or drink, and sit around decorating gingerbread people. No prizes, though Sam's step-mom was CONVINCED that was the whole purpose..and that she won.  We simply hang out, eat, drink and be merry!  It's always amazing to me how creative and detailed everyone gets with their gingerbread person.  The art work has definitely improved over the years as well.  I really wish I had photos from a few years ago - those were a bit messy!

The spread

The Beers

The other photog

The first few

Really, Linda?  A PRIZE?  What is that?

Two of my favorites - look at those details!

A few more dudes

Handing around the decorating table

My parents and Sam's parents have become pretty good friends and have started to hang out on their own - so my parents were included in this years party.  I'm sad my parents didn't try to steal Tony & Linda's "prize", though it wouldn't have been too hard.

I must say the best story of the night goes out to my poor sister.  Just as Linda turned the corner into the room where my sister was, Katie answered my mother's phone call, "Hey, MOM!"  And Linda, who is desperate for a daughter-in-law (and LOVES Katie) nearly started crying tears of joy because she though Katie called her mom!  <3

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