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17 December, 2012

Evie: 12 Months

Weight: 25lbs 5oz (>97%)
Length/Height: 31.0 (95%)
Eats: Almost anything we're having that she can pick up with her fingers; 25-30oz of formula
Diapers: graduated from 3s and went straight to 5s, almost out growing one brand of cloth diapers (yikes!)
Clothes: a few 12-18 months from Gap or Old Navy, they're so generous with their sizing! 18 or 24 months at Carters!

Firsts for Evie

Election Day, Pictures with Santa and a Pair of TOMS
Evie made it through an hour long line to vote on a cold rainy day, shopping at Phipps Plaza, and Pictures with Santa, so Grandma Buergler spoiled her with a pair of sparkly TOMS!


  • Walks with help
  • Zooms around in the walker at Grandpa and Nana's house
  • Stands for a moment or two on her own
  • Is trying to take steps up small stairs, like on her slide
  • Saying things like, "mama" "dada" "dog" "uhoh" "deh-e" (Delaney) and "oh" (hello -- but only when the phone rings) in the right context
  • Wants NOTHING to do with baby food or being spoon fed. I do give her the squeeze pouches if we're out and about or if I don't have a meal prepared in time and she's having a melt down

Evie is getting such a little personality. She loves to laugh, hug, and kiss. But she's started the Toddler Tandrums almost the day or two after she turned 1. This photo shoot was awful. She DID.NOT.WANT.TO.SIT. Which is why we have so many pictures with the shoe box and Delaney.


Snacks in her Tupperware snack cups
Drinks in her Tupperware bell tumblers (raise your hand if you had these growing up?)
she feels so grown up with her big kid snacks :)

Kissing and hugging, gives them freely or when asked!

Playing with Delaney


Having her diaper changed

Having things taken away from her (oh, the waterworks!)


I think Honest Toddler has it correct: Not a baby. Not yet a big kid.  Evie loves to snuggle and be taken care of, but doesn't want me to feed her. This attitude is starting to strike in other facets of her little 1 year old life. Boo for Mommy!

The scream! Oh the screams! It's hard to describe. It's not a tandrum. It's not a cry for help or in pain. It's a make-my-ears-bleed high pitched quick screech. It's deafening.  I did some research via Dr. Google and Evie's pediatrician  and it comes down to this: Evie wants to talk but doesn't have the words or language skills to communicate, so instead she SCREAMS!  We've been working on teaching her sign language or anticipating her needs. Now that she can point, this helps a lot too. There were a few nights though we had to put her in her crib as a time out to us so we could finish dinner with out hurting her.

Evie had a smashing Madeline themed birthday party! See the details.

What they say...
"Hello mini-Elizabeth..."
"I love her hair!"
"What a precious smile"
"Gorgeous blue eyes!"

We are...
...In shock and denial that our sweet girl is already a year old!
...Getting baby fever (LIKE CRAZY!)
...Hoping the 2x a day naps last a little longer.
...Loving that she's on such a great routine.
...Thankful for an incredible weekday morning babysitter.
...Not going to continue these monthly updates.  I had to throw this one in here.  As much as I love doing these, they're time consuming and Evie isn't change quite so quickly so I think I am going to do quarterly updates for her second year, and then we'll go from there!

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