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15 February, 2013

Evie: Fifteen Months

Weight: 28lbs 13oz (>97%)
Length/Height: 32.5 inches (96%)
Eats: 3 full meals, 1-2 snacks, 15-20oz cow's milk, 10-15oz of water
Diapers: skipped size fours, straight to fives
Clothes: wearing a few 18-24mos in generous fits (Gap, Old Navy), 24 mos (Carters) and buying 2T in anything new for Spring

 Evie finally started walking on January 11. One night after dinner she was determined not to crawl again. She walked about 10-20 steps and would get frustrated but try again. The next morning she got down from the breakfast table, took off walking and never crawled again. Refuses to crawl even on the landing of the stairs or other places it would be convenient.

Evie has mastered climbing the stairs, even while holding Delaney or a bottle.  We put a gate at the bottom of the stairs because she would just start climbing and I couldn't find her until I heard her crying at the top of the stairs.
 Evie usually takes 2 naps a day still, though usually one is about 1.5-2 hours and the other 20minutes-1.5 hours.  If she sleeps past 8 am then we just give her one nap in the afternoon.

We transitioned Evie to cow's milk from formula around 13-14 months. We were moving when she turned a year and I didn't want to stress her little body out too much with a move and new milk.  I'm glad I did because as it was she had a lot of constipation issues.
 Evie's growth rate has been off the charts and her health impecable. The pediatrician said we can eliminate the last of grains from her diet and cut her dairy intake to just cheese and yogurt.  She even wants me to cut the little bit of prune juice from her diet in favor of real prunes!   I love that her doctor promotes the same eating habits and lifestyle that Eric and I eat!  We're going to continue with diluted milk though for naps and bedtime, so we're actively cutting down to a max of 15 oz a day.
 Evie has been exploring all sorts of new things. She loves to reach on to the counters to see what she can find. She opens drawers, the toilet seat, and any cabinet I let her.  Some days I'll find her completely sitting in the Tupperware cabinets just playing.  She recently pulled my camera off my desk breaking my 50mm lens, and pulled a chair over onto her self.  I am SO fearful she's going to pull a bookshelf or something on to herself.
 Evie loves bath time. It's her time one-on-one with Daddy.   She would sit and splash in there for a good hour if we let her.  She's getting rather handy with the wash cloth too.

She likes to give hugs and kisses and wave bye-bye. She is quite the snuggler.  Such a sweet, sweet girl.
Evie didn't seem to get the hang of feeding herself with a spoon, which I guess comes before fork skills? But she does great with the fork. Sometimes she'll cry until we give her one. We'll get back to the spoon.

 Evie's favorite foods are blueberries, eggs, bananas, bacon and tortilla chips.

She likes to put things on: sunglasses, headbands, hairbows, clothes
And take things off: hairbows, shoes, socks.
She is trying so hard to be a big girl!
She is still a fairly neat eater unless the food itself is messy.  However, when she's done with her meal she treats it like finger paints.
Right around the time she started walking her vocabulary and sign language seemed to click too.  She finally started signing "all done" which has thankfully replaced her pterodactyl scream.

She's also learning new words and sounds.  She can say: mama (and mommy), dada, nana, peez (please), dank ou (thank you), day-be (Delaney), dal-done (all done), dogh (dog), she-ooz (shoes). She can also bark, baa, bock, and moo.

 Evie has taken to singing.  Eric and I (mostly Eric) sing to her every night. We sing the Hail Mary and Ave (per Life Teen tradition), I Love You, Lord, and occasionally chant the Our Father.  Many days she just sings nonsense but she has started singing Ave Maria. I cannot tell you how much I love this! She sings it in her high chair, in the car, or trying to sooth herself to sleep.   If you can get past my singing and my messy kitchen, here's a great video of it.

Evie Singing Ave from Elizabeth Buergler on Vimeo.

 Delaney continues to be a mainstay in the Buergler house.  Evie takes to other dolls, but Delaney is her go-to girl. Delaney is the only doll that will really distract or cheer up Evie.

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