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02 December, 2014

Maggie: Seven Months


Weight: 15.5 lbs 
Length: 28 inches 
Feeds: nurses 5 times a day. She goes from 8pm-7:30am at night between feedings.  Enjoying baby food 1-3 times a day, up to a squeeze pouch or stage 2 jar. Teething rice crackers are a favorite!
Diapers:  Tots Bots (middle rise!), Bum Genius 4.0s, and the new Thirsties pockets and AIO, and Bottom Bumpers OS.  Size 3 in disposables (at night)
Clothes:  wearing 9 and 6-12 months
Shoes: none
Teeth: two bottoms; we thought the top two were close, but they're not!


 10/16/14 - Started sitting up unassisted
10/29/14 - Trunk or Treat
10/31/14 - Halloween
11/1/14 - Clapping and Waving (and occasionally signing "eat")


being part of the action, especially with other children
a warm bath
looking in the mirror
hanging out with mommy in the Ergo
being on a nap routine


Getting too hungry
Missing naps
Being away from Mommy for too long (though she's doing better with Eric and family)


Maggie continues to be a super relaxed baby.  She really wants in on the action. She reaches out and will start to whimper if she can't "play"

She's settling into sucking on her pointer finger and middle finger on her right hand, most of the time. Though she usually self feeds with her left hand. Very curious which hand she will favor.
Spoon feeding is just too slow for this girl. She prefers to drink straight from the squeeze pouch.  We've found homemade or stage 2 or 3 JARRED baby food tends to be better for spoon feeding.  She is so darn messy when she eats.

Her tear duct is still clogged.   

Maggie has eczema.  I've noticed it seems to be triggered by her bath soap and polyester.  Trying to trade out some of her clothes as we size up.
New foods Maggie has tried this month:
beans (baked, kidney, black)
celery (as a teether)
apples (large slices to gum)
mandarin oranges
We just love our little Mag-a-muffin. She's the sweetest, most joyful baby.  I love our time together and miss her when she's sleeping.

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