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16 October, 2014

Maggie: Six Months


Weight: 15lbs 3.4 ounces (33%)
Length: 28 inches (98%)
Feeds: 5 times a day, the morning feeding is getting longer with an afternoon feeding becoming more of a snack. She goes from 8pm-7amish at night between feedings.  Enjoying baby food 1-3 times a day, about 2tbsp at each feeding
Diapers:  Thirsties Size 1, full sized Tots Bots (middle rise!) and Bum Genius 4.0s;  and size 2 in disposables (at night)
Clothes:  wearing 9 and 6-12 months; we packed up the last of the 6 month clothes
Shoes: none
Teeth: two bottoms; two tops are coming soon!


 9/12/14 - Started napping in crib
9/14/14 - Met Eric's Aunt Mary Pat
9/20/14  -  cut first bottom tooth
9/29/14 - Chiropractor appointment
9/30/14 - Started baby food & rice crackers
10/1/14 - Sippy Cup
10/3/14 - Moved to crib for over night sleeping
10/4/14 - started rolling front to back and back to front


being held
a warm bath
looking in the mirror
participating in whatever we're doing (especially meal time!)
having Spike at our house for the month
putting everything in her mouth


Getting too hungry
Missing naps
Being away from Mommy for too long


Maggie continues to be a super relaxed baby.  She's very quiet, though she lights up when she's engaged with a person or toy.

This whole month the drool led way to teeth and the teeth have led way to everything going in her mouth.  She loves to CHEW! 

She's settling into sucking on her pointer finger and middle finger on her right hand, most of the time.  If she's really worked up we'll give her the pacifier to calm down enough to find her fingers.

After she started reaching for our food and cups all last month we decided to start feeding her.  We did stage 1 foods just to start out but she has done much better with stage 2s, and even better with chunky mashed table food. She LOVES a mushed up banana.  She can also feed herself Baby Mum-Mum rice crackers.  She also likes to help put the spoon in her mouth when we spoon feed her.

The pediatrician gave us the green light to feed her some meat, beans and other healthy fats like avocados.  Get a little weight on this baby!

Her belly button has been fine this month. Her tear duct is still clogged.  And she no longer snorts when she cries (I kind of miss this actually!).  

Unfortunately the ribs on Maggie's left side were sticking out funny and she'd cry any time I'd lay her on her stomach.  After other people started pointing it out to me I was going to wait until her 6 month check up, but decided to ask the chiropractor while I was in for a visit.  Maggie's hips and spine hadn't finished untwisting yet from the womb (something that is usually done by now) and it was preventing her from sitting, being comfortable on her tummy, and nursing in a side lying or cross body position.  After a few visits (mostly little baby massage, so cute!) Maggie has been nursing anyway I holder, almost sitting on her own and rolling over like a champion. 

Foods Maggie has tried this month:
sweet potatoes
winter squash
butternut squash
baby mum-mums

Maggie is just so sweet.  We have been blessed with such an incredible baby!  I love when she puts her little hands on either side of my face and pulls me in for a kiss (really, I think she's trying to eat my nose, but I like to think it's for a kiss!)  I have had to consciously remember to cherish the little moments with her. These six months have flown by so fast!

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