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13 August, 2012

Monthly Evie: Nine Months

Weight: ~24 lbs
Length/Height: ~28 inches 
Eats: 3 solid meals & a snack each day: purees, finger foods, 30-32oz forumla
Diapers: no change
Clothes: 12 and 12-18 months, 18 months in sleepers

Firsts for Evie
new foods: cottage cheese, mac & cheese, pork, whole peas, combination purees

July 12 - Johnny Jump Up!

July 16 - bought big kid toys
July 20-21 - Full weekend at Grandma & Grandpa's

August 2 - Trip to Catch Air

Out grown many of her "baby" toys - took a trip to Toys R Us to get a few carefully chosen toys for Evie to play with

Graduated to stage 3 purees and does really well feeding herself solids

Does great in the bath tub and would play for hours if we'd let her

Still not crawling but she gets around sideways, backways, reaching

Super chatty, talks to her self, her toys, or us all the time

Spent a day or two clicking her tongue

Blows raspberries

Says things like, "mamama" and "dadada" a little more clearly. And has added "geeggle-geeggle-geeggle" to her vocabulary.

Only spends a few minutes in her Exersaucer while she eats an afternoon snack, but spends almost an hour each morning in the Johnny Jump Up.

Can feed her self a bottle, glass or plastic.

Can sometimes find her pacifier in the crib.

It takes a few tries but she can go from sitting to crawling position.

Started standing with help or when propped up

Gives open mouth kisses at will and on command.

Drinks from a straw like a champ.  Her sippy cup has a straw, but she also grabs for mine and drinks from it.  She really likes iced coffee! Oops!

Spending time with grandparents
Playing with Spike
Sophie & Delaney & Glowie (they always get a big smile)
Her new toys
Watching the Olympics
Playing with cousin Zachary (isn't this picture hilarious?)

Naps after falling asleep in the car
Eating a lot of breakfast
Having a wet diaper at night

Evie is so big!  We packed up her 9 month clothes, small bottles, baby toys.  She's moving from baby to toddler.

She's active, chatty, and curious.

Evie will find the tiniest crumb or speck and pick at it or play with it on her pointer finger.

She's really starting to reach, squirm and play.

Does baby yoga! She does a plank, downward dog, and cat-cow.  Obviously she doesn't know was she's doing, but we find it amusing.

Her daily routine:
7:30 am - wake up, solids (oatmeal & fruit), play

9:30 am - 8oz bottle & nap (about 1.5 hours)
11 am - play time, solids (stage 3 combination purees, yogurt/cottage cheese, etc), play time, errands/walk
2:00/3:00 pm - 8 oz bottle & nap (about 2 hours)
4:30 pm - Exersaucer for a snack (puffs, yogurt melts, cheerios), play time
5:30 pm - solids (usually a little bit of what we're having and a jar of purees, usually something home made), play with Daddy
7:15 pm - bath
7:30 pm - books and 8oz bottle with Daddy
8:00 pm - prayers and bed time
2 or 4 am - diaper change and 4oz bottle

What they say...
"Does she ever cry?"
"She's only nine months?"
"You guys should make more babies just like her"
One night I combed her hair straight up to get some cradle cap out, and it dried that way.  We called her Jimmy Neutron for a day.
We are...
Interviewing nannies for our co-op this school year
Wondering where the time has gone! She's been out as long as she was in!
Wondering when she's going to crawl, but okay with her still only being slowly mobile
Loving watching all her big girl skills and helping her practice new ones, like standing, waving, crawling, clapping, etc
(I know this picture is blurry but I love it because it's just like how I see her WAY too close up right before she gives me a big wet open mouth baby kiss)

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