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09 July, 2014

Maggie: Three Months


Weight: 12 or 12.5lbs, I'm guessing
Length: probably close to 25 inches
Feeds: about 15 minutes every 2.5 to 4 hours during the day, and goes about 9-10 hours at night
Diapers:  Tiny Fit Tots Bots, and moving into Thirsities Size 1 and regular all-in-one or pocket diapers;  and size 2 in disposables (at night)
Clothes:  Packed up the last of the 3 month dresses, fully in a size 6 months.  Some 3-6 months are too small!
Shoes: none
Teeth: none


June 15 - Father's Day!
June 20 - First "emergency" doctor's visit
June 29 - Fr. Brian's First Mass and received her first First Blessings from him ( First time holding hands with a boy...Josh Man)
July 4 - First Forth of July
July 4 - First trip to Waffle House
July 5- First Birthday party for cousin Luke!


Reaches for her feet / twists side to side
Recognizes Mommy, Daddy and Evie & will turn head to interact
Smiles, coos and sort of giggles
Blows bubbles with her mouth
Self soothes with thumb sucking
Regularly sleeps through the night (about 9 or 9:30 to about 6:30 or 7)
Finally sturdy enough for the Ergo sans newborn insert
Is fine with just a loose swaddle to sleep at night


Car rides
A warm bath + bedtime routine
Watching the fan
Swinging, being held, riding in the Ergo --- basically movement!
Her left thumb


Wet or poopy diapers
Being tired & hungry 


We did it!  We survived the Fourth Trimester.  Maggie rocks!  She's the perfect second child.  Easy peasy. (knock on wood.)

Maggie is still doing her best feedings in football hold, though we're getting the hang of other holds while we're out and about.

I made it to my 3rd breastfeeding goal: 1 week, 6 weeks, and 3 months.  YAY!  It's definitely getting easier. I don't even notice it anymore, it's just part of the day.  My next goal is to reevaluate once we start solids...which I'm not even sure when we'll do that / which method.

Her clogged tear duct does not seem to be getting better.

Maggie's belly button got a little infected.  Because it's herniated we had to have an "emergency" visit at the doctor to have it checked out.  Good news, it's fine!

She's SOOOO easy going and such a sweet kid.  She's super go with the flow.  I've even had to start setting reminders on my phone to feed her because she's just happy sucking on her thumb.

Maggie still favors Eric quite a bit, but she's starting to look a little more like Evie.  Though her quiver chin and cry face looks exactly like her cousin Luke, who looks exactly like Eric did as a kid!

Our daily routine is basically the same as last month.  Her feedings are shortening a bit so that helps.

Even though she's sleeping through the night I am not ready to have her move to her own room. I love having her in our room. I like knowing I can peek on her if I get worried.  I think we'll just move her when she grows out of the cradle.  Evie we moved around 4 months because she was SUCH a noisy sleeper.

What They Say:

Eric's Girl Mini Twin!
You sure have your hands full
You're so brave being out and about with both of them already
Does she just sleep all day? She's always sleeping when I see her

Sisters, y'all! They're the best!

Maggie at One Month and Two Months and just for fun, Evie at Three Months

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