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15 September, 2014

Maggie: Five Months


Weight: 14.5 lbs (I am guessing)
Length: 26-27 inches
Feeds: 5 times a day, the morning feeding is getting longer with an afternoon feeding becoming more of a snack. She goes from 9-7ish at night between feedings
Diapers:  Thirsties Size 1, full sized Tots Bots (middle rise!) and Bum Genius 4.0s;  and size 2 in disposables (at night).  We packed up the Tots Bots Tiny Fits this month
Clothes:  outgrowing some 6 months, wearing mostly 6-9, 9 and 6-12 months.
Shoes: none
Teeth: none


8/23/14 - Baptism
8/24/14 - Day in Exersaucer
8/26/14 - First Boat Day
8/29/14 - Road Trip to Beaufort
8/30/14 - Meeting Aunt Jo
9/7/14 - Rolled Over (at Grandmas!)

A warm bath
Laughing with Evie
Time in the Exersaucer
Sucking on her fingers
Sitting in her high chair watching all the kitchen action

Not having a regular nap (Time for a schedule)
Evie poking her too aggressively
Wet diapers

Maggie loves being in on the action. She wants to be in the same room with us.

She's starting to crave a regular nap schedule. Time for me to work on that.

Maggie has taken an interest in what I am eating or drinking. She reaches for my cup of water, or bite of food.  She likes sitting in her high chair while we eat.  Solids are right around the corner. We might start a little earlier than 6 months.

We can't tell if her bottom teeth are coming in or not. She's been chewing on her fingers more than sucking lately, and she's been extra drooly. 

Maggie rolled over once at Grandma & G. Daddy's but hasn't rolled over since. Probably my fault for not giving her enough tummy time.

She continues to be a super easy baby, nurses well, sleeps well and is generally a happy girl!

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